Vagrants! Pret A Manger want you!

"Fancy a brew?"

Pret A Manger is going to create over 500 jobs in the UK, and interestingly, they're open to applications from the homeless.

The firm already give leftover food to vagrants and now, is planning to recruit them once they get over the overbearing smell of ammonia coming from their crotches.

Chief executive Clive Schlee said: 'Pret plans to expand the Pret apprenticeship scheme for the homeless and increase the number of apprentices to 70 this year. The scheme offers an opportunity to break the cycle of homelessness by providing the most valuable gift of all - a paid job in a lively social environment.'

Of course, this neat trick is a reply to criticisms that Pret have come under in the past, most noticeably from Employment Minister Chris Grayling who said that it was ‘unacceptable’ for food chains to employ all-foreign staff at a time when British people were losing their jobs.

One question that remains unanswered is how the homeless are going to actually apply for these new jobs. You're average cardboard shelter doesn't tend to have a printer installed in it and, if it did, previous experience of drinking Special Brew and defecating in doorways won't really make for a decent CV.


  • Dick
    Another good reason not to buy from there. There are plenty of people that live in houses that need jobs, so why go to a load of bums that want to live on the street?
  • The B.
    If Pret start offering jobs to the homeless where will the Eastern Europeans work?
  • Paddy
    I suppose someone has to employ Jocks and Northerners....
  • Boris
    Competition time! In light of this development Pret will be developing a new sandwidch range. Suggestions please. (The usual competition rulkes apply - i.e. there will be no prizes and no actuall winner will be selected)
  • Doris
    What is a "sandwidch"? Still upset about Ken and the tax jibes Boris?
  • Doris
    What about this meal deal: Warm salad and fetid cheese on brownish bread with a yesterday’s cucumber compote. A bag of limps and a small Kestrel Super. All for £4.50.
  • che b.
    Homeless people will mean a spin off company called Pret a Minger !
  • Mellin
    @ The Real Bob In Eastern Europe, hopefully!!!
  • Monique
    What appalling, racist, insulting and ignorant 'funny' comments from the article writer as well as the readers. Many charities offer facilities for homeless people to use the internet for job search and indeed not every homeless person smells. Homelessnessis an isolating and destructive experience and homeless people are some of the most vulnerable and socially excluded in our society. Pret should be proud of being able to offer this scheme to people usually excluded from even applying to jobs that can keep them off the streets.
  • Marky M.
    @ Monique. Find another web site. You're going to absolutely hate it here. No, honestly.
  • corbyboy
    How has this scheme worked out for them in the past? I would love to know what the attendance rate is for the homeless people they have employed. People aren't homeless just for financial reasons. Councils have a legal obligation to house people and there are all sorts of benefits they are able to claim. In theory there shouldn't be homeless people in the UK. But there are. Homeless people generally have mental, drug or alcohol problems. If these people have problems that stop them living in a house, how are they going to overcome these problems to do a steady job?
  • Zeddy
    I hope this means free Big Issues to read in-shop. I certainly won't be "buying" one.
  • klingelton
    @Monique I agree with you, in some points. Yes, maybe the jibe about all homeless people stink maybe going a bit far, but have you failed to read the calibre of prior articles? It's the nature of the journalism in this site to have a mild dig at stereotypes, and that doesn't exclude any. Most find it amusing - as they should. Some take offence. I would remove this site from your favourites! In other news, some people fall through the cracks of society and wind up homeless. It can still happen. And we all know how beaurocracy (SP?) works... it will take months, nay YEARS to find someone somewhere to live. If this scheme can help people to help themselves, then the better for it. Also, some people are too proud to accept aid from the government and local council and for some reason would prefer to smell like a pensioner's piss pot. Finally! the jibe about northerners - local councils built us all houses last year out of bricks and windows and retired the mud huts. Also, we have a stand pipe right close to our houses now, so no more walking for an hour every day to fetch water from the well.
  • Mike H.
    Most people in the UK will not work if their wage is less than their benefits. Get up at 0600hrs Work for nothing for 8 hours or wake up at 1400hrs, watch Jeremy Kyle all day and get paid for it? Hmmmm tough one.
  • Mary H.
    Best of luck getting any tax out of them. It is the ones that pay tax that arebailing the ones that put fuck all back into the system. Tax the workers to pay for the chavs.
  • Dick
    My entry: Bread with spittle, dog food and a fag butt, washed down with a half-can of previously opened special brew, with two fag butts in. Extra butts 10p each.
  • Richard M.
    While it may (or may not) be commendable that Pret A Manger are offering homeless un-employed people an apprenticeship which may lead to full-time employment, are they also offering accomodation? I can't see how someone living in a shop doorway, in a cardboard box, could possibly be in a fit (hygienic) state to work in a food preparation/retail environment.
  • Spencer
    This sounds like a wonderful way to drive away customers. It's one thing selling over-priced dry sandwiches.... but selling overpriced dry sandwiches that have been made by Twitchy the tramp... who hasnt eaten in days, hasnt been sober in weeks, hasnt used a toilet in months and hasnt washed in years.... I'd rather a subway thanks. Call me snobbish (no, really, please do do... I like it) but I dont want my food handled and prepared by someone that hasnt used toilet paper since 2002. And secondly.... we're going to put the polish and lithuanian girls out of work... they won't be able to afford their rent and will be kicked out. then where will be? We'll have the crusty unwashed special brew army making our sandwiches and coffee.... and scores of young, vulnerable desperate Polish and Lithuanian girls on our streets................ ....................................
  • zeddy
    "we’re going to put the polish and lithuanian girls out of work…" What's polish got to do with anything?
  • Keith
    "Most people in the UK will not work if their wage is less than their benefits. Get up at 0600hrs Work for nothing for 8 hours or wake up at 1400hrs, watch Jeremy Kyle all day and get paid for it? Hmmmm tough one." Gawd, I'd do any job if the alternative is being made to watch Jeremy Kyle all day. Sumo arse wiper? Organ donor? Sign me up!
  • qwertyuiop
    The caption doesn't match the photo. It should infact read "Andy Dawson and Mof Gimmers, yesterday"

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