Urban Camouflage liven up the living death that is Ikea

A trip to Ikea is rarely a stimulating experience – it’s akin to wandering around a chilling futureworld filled with inoffensive smooth-edged furniture everywhere you look. You can only tell that freedom is imminent when the smell of meatballs starts getting stronger.

Over in Germany, some performance art types called Urban Camouflage have taken to their local Ikea before hiding themselves in costumes made from some of the stuff therein. It’s tremendous.

The shadowy group say they’re trying to deal with “the question how to camouflage oneself and one’s identity in the urban space.” We’d say they’re just arsing about but it’s a fine line really innit?


  • The B.
    What was even funnier happened outside, this bloke who'd been traumatised at having to find his way out of the Ikea maze decided to have his first fag in 30 years to lower his blood pressure, on chucking his still lit butt he was rather bemused when a screaming flaming pile of boxes went shooting past.
  • Lumoruk
    That video fails
  • Ray
    What a shit video -- could have been so much better! Out of interest what the fuck is the point of this website?
  • Bob M.
    HAHA. No.
  • lol
    I hadn't seen it before AND it made me laugh both firsts from my BW experience more stories like this plz

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