UK Shoppers could see their 'rights' getting a mauling

5 November 2009

A shopper - yesterday

There's nothing more irritating than seeing the initial excitement of a newly bought product failing on you as soon as you get it home. Shopping is generally a hellish experience, filled with dithery old women suddenly stopping in front of you whilst you're bobbing and weaving your way around the high street. The promise of doing it all over again for something that should've worked properly in the first place is enough to make you self-harm.

Well, now, the prospect of doing it all again could be filled with the dread of being sent packing with a product that still doesn't work and no refund offered.

Naturally, it's all the fault of New European rules.

Now, we can swap crappy goods if we act "within a reasonable time". However, under this proposed law, we'll only be entitled to a repair or replacement if their purchase was knackered.

The law currently says that we can return items for a refund within "a reasonable time", which is about as much use as trousers made of chicken teeth. The Law Commission of England and Wales have proposed that instead of the "reasonable time" fluff, we should be given 30 days. They also reckon that shoppers should be entitled to a refund if a product still did not work after one repair or replacement, instead of messing about and going to and from the retailer.

What we're faced with currently, under the dreaded New European Rules, a minor glitch in, say, a MP3 player, might see us fobbed off with a discount, leaving us with rubbish that doesn't work and a shop we don't want to go to anymore.

It is worth pointing out though... this law is only a 'proposed one', so any Mail readers out there who are thinking of throwing their arms up in disgust and recalling the invented news stories of bananas that are 'too bendy' should hold their breath a while.



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