Topshop accused of stealing a design from independent company

A small independent design company, Made By White, have claimed that Topshop have ripped off one of their designs.

Here's the brooches, placed side-by-side:

The Made by White brooch

:nd here's the one from Topshop:

The (allegedly) copied Topshop brooch

You can't say they don't look incredibly alike can you?

On the Made By White blog, they say that they’ve "blogged about Topshop before and how they copy other indie designers before but this time they have blatantly copied our ORIGINAL design," before adding "Topshop we HATE you!"

Naturally, we can't say much as we'd get done for libel or something... but if we could, then we'd probably say something like [That's enough of that! - Ed.]


  • Katey J.
    Who cares?! They look like a six year old's drawings anyhow.
  • Philip G.
    Can't see it myself.
  • Mark M.
    It can't be a copy as teh Top Shop one is less blurry. Hope that helps to settle the matter
  • Loops
    Topshop are a huge company with enough talant than having to stoop to these levels. Fair doos to the original designer, its their work they have every right to protect it.
  • Pete D.
    What's it meant to be? Littel red riding hood and a wolf?
  • Junkyard
    I suppose there's a vague similarity.
  • Pete D.
  • Loops
    Mark Minghella ...they can trace it or redraw it up from the original in seconds with the correct software, making it sharper in the proccess.
  • John V.
    It may be 'sharper' but it's less detailed. The original has some shadowing on it
  • Gadget 4.
    Am I the only one that think Mark Minghella wasn't actually being seriou?! It's hard to be believe that that level of similarity came bu coincidence, but at the same time it could be that Topshop started using that design for any one of a number of reasons - perhaps someone at Made by White tried to sell the design to Topshop without the permission or knowledge of Made by White and this is the consequence. I'm sure Topshop will comment so until we know for sure it's difficult to jump on the "evil Topshop corporation" bandwagon just yet.
  • Mark M. was a flippant comment. However, I plan on sorting out the middle east with my powers next
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    I have in my hands, a document that clearly shows that these badges were created by Dwarves. Long before either of the named companies even existed. Pah.
  • Inspiration T.
    So apart from "hating" Topshop, are they seeking legal action? They should send the legal hounds to sniff at Philip Green's crotch.
  • Jase
    Slap it in Illustrator and I bet the live trace tool could make a half decent reproduction of it in seconds. Blatent copy...but I would accept the other aforementioned explanations as possible as well.
  • Frogman
    Made By White should get in touch with ACID (Anti Copying In Design)...they helped someone I know against another UK retailer and they settled out of court.
  • Frogman
    Forgot the website...
  • Paperchase B.
    [...] like this as TopShop got slated for (allegedly) ripping off a design a while back. More on that here. I’ve no idea whether TopShop apologised or if it all got sorted out because I can’t be [...]
  • Brett G.
    Little Red Riding Hood must have been a bit slow for her to not know she was talking to a wolf

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