Toot toot! The Post Office on WHEELS is here!

Postman-Pat Vans which double up as mobile post office branches are due to be rolled out later this year, so that customers in 250 rural areas can go and cash their giros.

The 40 mobile branches are basically tarted up Mercedes Sprinter vans, fitted with a counter and various bells and whistles, and will be driven and run by local postmasters and mistresses, just like in the good old days. Ooh, it’s like decimalisation never happened!

The vans will also be fitted with a wheelchair lift, and are due to cover half a million miles in the coming year.

Network director of the Post office, Kevin Gililand, tried to make it sound a bit futuristic, and said:

‘Post Office is modernising to meet customers' needs. We are investing in services across our network to make it easier for customers, whether that means they are served via one of our new vehicles in more isolated areas or at a modernised high street branch.’

Of course, some retailers have been selling stuff out of the back of vans for years, like my friend Nobby, who can do you a great deal on human kidneys.


  • Gr E.
    Makes sense to me.
  • Chokelever
    This is nothing new. The Post Office has been running mobile vans for years. These "tarted up Mercedes Sprinter vans" are merely replacing the existing fleet.

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