Today, students get 10% off at Morrisons

Today, students get 10% off at Morrisons

This week, is Fresher's Week, so if you live near a university, be prepared for a lot of yelling and screaming at peculiar times of the night, and a lot of small silver gas canisters littered about the place.

If you're a student, you're probably thinking about boozing, macking out with strangers, and worrying about the cost of provisions to keep you alive 'til Christmas.

Well, regarding the latter, Morrisons would like to offer you a hand, by giving students 10% off all groceries and food at Morrisons Cafés.

This initiative kicked off today, so go fill your boots.

To get the money off, you'll need to download the UniDays app, which is available on Google Play and iTunes.

To register on the app, you'll need a valid university email address, and then the app will give you a unique code to use, every time you shop in a Morrisons. You can find out more, over at

Other shops are signed-up with the app, so it's worth a look.

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