Tobacco companies lose in court over packaging

Tobacco packaging

There's going to be no more 10 packs of cigarettes, as you know, and the tobacco packaging is going to be plain.

Regarding the latter, the tobacco companies decided to fight the ruling, but have lost their High Court challenge the day before they come into play.

Together, British American Tobacco, Philip Morris International, Imperial Tobacco and Japan Tobacco International challenged the government's decision and the legality of it, of the new standardised packaging rules.

As of tomorrow, all tobacco products must come must comply with these new regulations.

Mr Justice Green, who listened to what the tobacco firms were saying, said: "The regulations were lawful when they were promulgated by Parliament and they are lawful now in the light of the most up-to-date evidence."

Europe's high court also threw out the challenges from the tobacco companies.

As of Friday 20th June 2016, pictorial health warnings will now have to cover 65% of the front and back of every packet, with additional warnings emblazoned across the top of the pack.

There's also a ban on menthol cigarettes and those 'lipstick-style' packets which are basically aimed at women.

Of course, the tobacco companies are weighing up whether they're going to mount another appeal... but it looks like the courts won't be budging, and this could all get very expensive for the firms in question.

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