Timpsons to invade supermarkets to save your knackered shoes

An alcoholic enjoying Timpsons

Timpsons, who cut your keys and repair your horrible shoes, have been doing so well that they're going to open 100 new outlets in the insides of supermarkets.

The Manchester firm already has a thousand outlets across Britain and the success of 88 new shops last year, which where mainly opened in out-of-town Tesco and Sainsbury's stores, helped to increased their profits by 3% to £136.5m.

"Fortunately, the opening of an out-of-town Timpson has very little effect on the turnover of existing shops, so our link with supermarkets provides a substantial route to grow the business," said the company in a statement before the world's giddily assembled press. "It will also increase our share of the dry-cleaning market," they added dramatically.

The company will also be expanding their locksmith business and didn't worry about the troubles on the high street, hooting: "The short-term pressures have not stopped us from taking a long-term view."

Great news for you people who have flapping soles, keeping losing your keys and locking yourself out and are in constant need of dry-cleaned clothes.

Basically, this is great news for alcoholics.


  • Spencer
    I speak on behalf of most people when I say: "Finally!!" For years we've been wanting this... I think most of us cant wait...
  • Angry S.
    Timpson's is a good British company, well run by an intelligent management that actually cares about its staff. Good luck to them.
  • Barley S.
    Cooooool...pizza and segs...perfect combo...
  • Dr Z.
    Have you seen the price of a spare key? What's it made from? Gold?

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