Timpson do a really nice thing

Just when you think all the shops are run by arseholes and do lousy stuff to cadge coins out of you, along come Timpson being all lovely and pleasant.

As you can see, they've got a thing in Liverpool (and possibly other places) where, if you're on the dole, they'll clean your interview outfit for you, for free. Naturally, some people's first thought will be 'Liverpool... jobless... hur hur' like they're the first person to ever make that joke. Either way, Timpson are making some of the other shops look like hard-hearted swines.



Well done Timpson - we doff our caps to you. You couldn't clean our caps while we're here, no?

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  • Arthur
    Timpsons are a great company, started by a genuine bloke who gives a shit about people less well off/with fewer opportunities.
  • JonB
    I agree that this is a very good thing for Timpson to do. I will prioritise using their shops in future. (On a side note: swine is the singular and plural form of the word, much like sheep, so "swines" is incorrect.)

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