This is how all retail staff should be trained

Everyone knows that history repeats itself – man goes on making the same mistakes again and again, his arrogance always getting in the way of his ability to look back at what has gone before, identify what went wrong and move forward.

But it doesn’t always have to be that way. We can use the past as a template for a brighter future if we want to. PC World have been given untold amounts of grief for their FIVES customer programme, but maybe the staff were just trained incorrectly. Maybe this is the way to get the message across – from US burger chain Wendy’s, back in the 1980s…


  • Amanda H.
    Im doing one for Tiscali right now.. Take those emails, throw em away, We dont give a feck, what they say. Keep on taking the money man, then reduce their speed, you know we can. Overcharge them every time, make them call, the crap helpline. An arm and a leg, it will cost to speak to ping pong, in Bankok Wait another week, ping pong say Now youv'e learnt the Tiscali way, word. Brappp pp ppppppppp
  • The B.
    I didn't think it was possible but that was actually worse than Alice in ASDALand, anyway, mmmmmmmmm..... Wendys.
  • Wise_people_avoid_DSGi
    Yes, I see the solution now baseball caps are the key to DSGi success, staff already have the shirt and ties and name badges with DSGi brand names all over them and the pink "Fives" rubber bondage bands! So maybe it will be the baseball caps that can turn round DSGis fortunes, maybe with "Think Fives" or "BUY PC Performnance" or "BUY Whateverhappens"on the front! haha

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