Now you can collect and return third party online orders from Asda

ASDA-logo Asda is allowing everyone to collect and return online orders placed with third party retailers through any one of their stores across Britain, via a service called ToYou.

The first to sign up with this scheme, is fashion retailer Missguided. The fashion retailer has been the victim of its own success of late, with a lot of complaints floating around on social media, because of late deliveries as the company are unable to keep up with demand. Presumably, teaming up with Asda, could help relieve some of their problems.

Asda are talking to four more companies too. Customers will be able to track orders, and collect from in-store booths and kiosks at Asda stores, and they say that ToYou can offer 24-hour delivery on orders that are set before 9pm. We'll see.

"Interest for internet shopping is continually expanding and with it develops the craving of online merchants to have physical stores where their clients can get to, said Ian Stansfield, Vice President of Asda’s logistics services and supply chain. "Not just are we furnishing online retailers with a vicinity on the high road but on the other hand we’re connecting a hole for clients who need to gather or return their online orders while completing their window-shopping."

With Asda's sales on the decline lately, this could be just the thing to get people coming through their doors again.

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  • Peter T.
    Hmm, is this anything to do with why my local ASDA no longer acts as a Collect+ agent?

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