The Worst Company in Britain: List your nomination now!

One week ago on this glorious Friday, we commenced the face off for nominations to be made to pinpoint the worst corporation in Britain this year. The face-off will commence in the coming weeks, so we ask that you submit any other corporations not included in the list, before it's too late.

Simply comment below, and tell us who you would like included! POW!

The current list of corporations includes:

BT (British Telecom)
Virgin Media
Royal Mail
British Airways
National Rail
British Gas
Royal Bank of Scotland

Any others you want to see in the face off? Let us know!


  • Mr L.
    HBOS. Biggest bunch of crooks I've ever had the misfortune to work for.
  • Liam
    Northern Rail - The worst trains in the world. HBOS - Agree with the comment above. Recruitment Consultants - Just recruitment consultants will do... Orange - Useless bunch of monkeys who don't have a clue what they talk about. Phones4u - Smarmy gits who like to think they look flash in their George suits on minimum wage.
  • john r.
    morrisons supermarkets really need to sort out their dvd,s return policy even within an hour still sealed they would not accept it!!!!!!!!!! manager even made it clear he didnt even care about customer loyalty so be warned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • David P.
    I think Asda Walmart and McDonalds should be added
  • Antony
    Three - worst reception, transferred to India whenever you have a query, plenty of other reasons!
  • alan
    setanta must be included...oh eye has started twitching again!!
  • Anthony the big 4 - tesco, asda...
  • Toby
    Three - absolutely dreadful offshore customer service centres who pass you around for hours and never resolve problems. Dennis Publishing - they never send those free gifts that you are promised when you take out a new magazine subscription eg Mens Fitness.
  • John
    @john rolfe Was there something wrong with the dvd? That's the only reason a store HAS to give a refund. Anything else is a bonus, not a right.
  • Bob
    Pc World definitely, with their 'price match policy' which differs from every person you tak to. They all have a different bleeding excuse;, why they cant price match.
  • Paul N.
    Keep the nominations coming in everyone! We're going to set up an elimination page and do the voting once we have enough. @Bob - Check out my recent post on PC World price match - they are ending instore pricematch. You now have to call them up to get it done.
  • registoni
    ASDA FINANCE (GE MONEY) their "secure" website is absolutely flaw-full. You log-in and log-out once, and then you can't log-in again because it either complains access denied or session exprired. Why don't they hire someone who is good in online banking website thing? For me, that was final thing - I switched to TESCO FINANCE - much better site, and lower interest, and clubpoints earned exta.
  • Cole S.
    I'd like to vote for George/Taylor Wimpey. Why? Very briefly... Save for years to buy own home. Reserve and pay fees and everything else whilst legal stuff happens. A week before exchange solicitor rings as very concerned. Problem? You bet. Wimpey have pushed land boundary to be greedy and have built home on land they don't own. Can't offer title on property. They offer an indemnity policy which covers the absolute bare minimum in event of future land disputes once Wimpey have your cash and have legged it. Solicitor/mortgage company/us all very unhappy. Wimpey come back stating as we haven't exchanged yet they will entertain no claims at all for lost funds - reject all claims of incompetance and essentially tell us to $$$$ should hear their legal manager defending the dirty so and so's. We have to leave the sale, lost some belongings as had no-where to live for a while as it was in friends garages during the cold wet months when it should have been in our home. Pete Redfern the Chief Exec. doesn't give a damn, there's plenty more suckers in the ocean like all of you lot . Final result? They sold it cheap to one of their own managers for cash and I believe it's now being rented out. Disgusting from start to finish - avoid, avoid, avoid. Words to live by there!
  • yas
    Three: Worst operator since moved to india, you have to be on the phone so the technician can look into matter which may take 1hr or more, then suddenly hangup and start again!, they dont even underatand what you are talking about! Phone4u: READ carefully your contract, between what they and what they do after 9months! FLYBE: dont even think they are cheap! service bad as worst, ASDA FINANCE (GE MONEY) : same prob as registoni. its not working at all now since they moved to santander (they havenot updated their links since!) ORANGE: rude sellers, hidden charges, dont even tell you what is added optional untill you saw your bill of crap services you dont even use it! all personal experiences. still got loads of crap companies...
  • jonathan
    Absolute Crooks.....Worst customer Service ever!
  • jonathan
    Talking about or should it be Lastminute.CON
  • Billy
    Three. Quite simply THE worst customer service I have ever recieved from any company in any industry. Their incompetence is frankly, mind-boogling.
  • Billy
    Correction-"mind boggling"
  • T.Andersson
    Kwikk Fit. Has anyone ever walked in to a kwikk fit garage without being ripped off. Last time I went I got 2 tyres punctured
  • Claire
    If I'm not too late to nominate, it's got to be HSBC. Had a 'portable' fixed rate mortgage, tried to move, but they refused to port. Had to make the move, had lots of discussion with them, but they wouldn't budge - said their lending criteria had changed, and under the new terms it was more money than they'd be prepared to lend us. Although it wasn't more than we already owed them at the old house! Got mortgage on new house elsewhere without a problem. Then the b******s had the audacity to take the £7000 redemption penalty off us. Worst customer service anywhere.
  • john d.
    three are a total bunch of numptys,full of promises,reception worse now than last 5 years, crap customer service, and you cant cancel, not ever, they just hound you, and offer you the chesapest phones they cant shift, AVIOD
  • Jamie L.
    3, This is the worst customer experience from start to end of contract( if you can get them to understand you want to leave). If you have a technical issue forget it as they employ scripted robots and even then the script is appalling. Be afraid..........very afraid
  • Craig
    Citilink - leave parcels in the rain, in rubbish bins with no card left, put them on a van when you say you are going to collect - horrendous Talk Talk/CPW - I work for a broabdand ISP and this mob get more complaints than anyone else IMHO. I made the mistake of cecking availability of bb in my area for them and they phone 5 times a day!!! UKPC - chancing bastiages who rip people off for parking "fines" which are illegal in the first place. 3 - the mos useless cusatomer service ever Halifax - if you are lucky you will egt someone who knows what they are doing. If not, like me, you will get on after another liars who couldn't give two hoots Tomtom - good product, sh!t customer service
  • H
  • Jimbo
    Halifax Mortgages....incompetence isn't the word, straight forward procedures turn into a disaster 'cos the call centres and advisors are a bunch of absolute thick-wits with no compassion.
  • Jon
    Maier uk burntwood useless management, some say corrupt there, the top people and there close knit crew need investigating before they put us all out of work
  • Suely
    Monsanto should be there. This ridious corporation battles to dominate farming worldwide. Bad,bad, bad with its bad GM seeds.The absence of labeling of genetically engineered foods had been one of the most disgusting evidence of their unethical business practices.
  • Marcus
    ASDA worst company in Britain to work for, managment bully tactics treat like dirt ,wages are terrible , expect you to work your breaks bully you if you do not do overtime speak your mind or stand up to your legal right,s sack harass you if you are on the sick ,no overtime rate of pay single time weekends .
  • Jan W.
    Meridian Drilling a UK base exploration company like to employ workers and after three months of constant fights over the non payment of salaries, the two directors (Carolyn Evans & Jeremy Moore) fire you. And t5hey still do not pay you your salary. I work for them for three months in Ethiopia and had to ask every single month for my salary, now that I am back in South Africa there are no change to get my salary for August from them.
  • jacko
    halifax what a bunch of annoying greedy tossers, i have a credit card (only used twice a year), dont mind the charges if i miss a payment, but they phone up to 15 times a day on mobile, then on house phone, then you cant talk to anyone (usless robots) , and tescos, what a shower of shite they are , i dont even go there :-((

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