The Worst Company in Britain?

Last year, The Consumerist played off to find out the worst company in America. We'd like to see what you think is the worst company in Great Britain.

In the American competition, Halliburton wins just about wins over Monsanto, facing off with Choicepoint in the final death-match, only to win by a margin yet again. Dick Cheney won't be happy.

It would be interesting to do a face off on British corporations, but what companies should be included? Here's a few ideas:

Alstom - involved in destroying dam projects around the world
Bayer - The UK pharmaceutical seeking to genetically modify fodder maize
BAA - Because "Freedom to Fly" has nothing to do with airport expansions, like Terminal 5.
BAE - Got weapons? Yes we do.
Barclays - Giving money to Indonesians to destroy rainforests certainly can't be a good thing
Nestle - 20k email complaints in one week. Got Breast Milk Substitutes? Melamine certainly doesn't help.
Shell - amongst other oil companies. Read more here
Tesco - probably not the only supermarket chain that exploits farmers and producers at the average price of £11 for a basket of food (all kinds of stuff), retailing for close to £40, to make a 300% profit.

Any other companies we should include in the round-off? Tell us in comments below.


  • Netizen
    Sounds like a great idea, would be nice if this blog turned into a UK equivalent of The Consumerist :) Is this purely about corporate evildoing, or is just poor customer service worthy of inclusion too?
  • Vince W.
    Hey Netizen. Both, I would say. Let's hear em :)
  • Mark A.
    Try British Telecom - Just finished talking with julie in the chairman's office - she might be able to get the customer coplaints people to help..... BT are appalling because they always need money before they help with 'the disabled' - nothing ever seems to come out of their own purse. The talk about caring but do very little to help and often a lot to hurt people who are ill by setting courts and bailiffs and debt collectors on them - often for problems with their own ludicrous billing system. They are appalling - I have started a cause on facebook called Change British Telecom Now Get people to join up with it can you (-: Mark Aldiss age 52 - 20 of those years mucked around with by BT!
  • Vince W.
    BT will be added to the list! Any others?
  • David P.
    This company will accept new sales over the phone but should you have any problems, you have to resort to e-mailing or writing, neither of which are likely to bring about a reply. Website looks good but is actually riddled with errors and problems when you try to use it to contact them. Also eBay.. I love how they make a obscene amount of profit but offer pathetic levels of protection to consumers.
  • David P.
    Whoops thought website was the website I was referring to... I meant to put Dialaphone in that case
  • Vince W.
    haha ok thanks David for ur submissions. BT, Dialaphone, eBay added. I also am gonna add RBS to the list, just because they screwed me and plenty of people recently. Let's keep 'em coming. And votes for the ones mentioned in the post too, if u feel strongly about any of em.
  • Will
    Ahh, I've been waiting for a UK version of Consumerist for some time... How about Virgin Media? Rubbish support, staunchly against net neutrality, and not adverse to spying on their customers to please the BPI and send adverts.
  • The B.
    [...] week ago on this glorious Friday, we commenced the face off for nominations to be made to pinpoint the worst corporation in Britain this year. The face-off [...]
  • Bob
    BBC. For having to pay the licence fee.

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