The Worst Company In Britain 2011 is... TalkTalk

wcb-2011-deal In the end, there was just TWENTY FOUR votes in it, but it’s craptacular telecommunications provider TalkTalk that has walked away with the award of Worst Company In Britain for 2011.

Here’s the final results in case you don’t believe us…

Screen Shot 2012-01-05 at 09.26.51

Thanks to everyone who nominated and voted over the past couple of weeks. We’ll be spraying a turd gold and delivering it anonymously to TalkTalk’s HQ over the next few days .


  • zi
    Please post a pic of that turd!
  • Phil
    Damn. Was really hoping Groupon would win - but maybe thats because I'm free of talktalk?
  • Jack
    Any chance of publishing a tree diagram of the battle?! Would be good to see the knockout stages of the shittest companies
  • Suck M.
    Really shocked Yodel lost this :( I suppose Talk Talk are an equally shit company, so mustn't grumble
  • doober
    How did the total useless Royal Mail not even get into the finals? from all of my experiences throughout the year they are by far the worse company in the uk and have been for a long while now.
  • Dick
    TalkTalk - I can opt out and not use them. Groupon - I can opt out and not use them. Yodel - many companies do not tell you they are going to use them for delivery, so it is much harder to opt out of using this awful company.
  • Delenn
    Indeed Dick. I didn't vote as I use neither company. You can't escape using Yodel (unless you don't order online). You can't escape using BT in large parts of the country, as they are the only ones providing the infrastructure. Both of those are more deserving than the 2 companies listed.
  • Clicks m.
    Going by Groupon's track record, how do we know they did not pay a shed load of PR consultants to vote for Talk-Talk? At least we know Talk Talk could not have cheated in this way, as they could not organise a piss-up in a brewery.
  • fred
    TalkTalk won (sic!) even without my vote The "Search App Error" boys march ever onward- -unfortunately
  • Best c.
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