The stealth-priced goods that will blow your wallet apart

369488_TimmyWe’re always looking for ways to make savings and one way to do that is to not buy stuff that has ROCKETED in price over the past year. But how do we know just what those items are? Well, if a new list, published by the Telegraph, is to be believed, these are.

The headline rate of inflation (or Retail Price Index) currently stands at 4.7%, but here’s a list of items that have soared in price above and beyond that figure. So if you can’t get this stuff on special offer anywhere, these are the ones that will be eating the hardest into your shopping budget...

  • Home-grown lamb (pictured, up 11.7%)
  • Butter 26.4%
  • Car tax and insurance (33.4%)
  • Tea (14.6%)
  • Cigarettes (8.8%)
  • Processed fruit (9.7%)
  • Fresh fish (11.5%)
  • Women’s outerwear (16%, with the menular equivalent up by 12.1%)
  • Oil fuel (up 19%)
  • Soft drinks (up 10.1%)


  • PokeHerPete
    Damn, and I was thinking of taking up smoking in the new year.
  • Mark C.
    I've noticed the price increase of butter has now led to the bizarre situation of most supermarket chains' 'Value' brands of butter now being more or less the same price as their standard brand. Have noticed that lamb has gone up in price shockingly as well - I used to buy it as a cheap alternative to beef, but now it seems to be cheaper to eat sirloin than lamb.
  • Mr M.
    Fucking Polo mints are now 50p a roll!
  • Loafer1946
    So if all these goods, which we all buy regularly have gone up above the rate of inflation what do they base the rate on caviar, champagne?

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