The snow has made people less inclined to buy clothes from Next

The UK economy is on its knees, but now it’s even worse because of the… SNOW! Yes, it’s the snow what did it, honest guv, according to retailers who say that the recent cold snap is to blame for a drop in pre-Easter trade.

Kingfisher, who own B&Q, have said that they’ve suffered a 13% slump in sales last week, due to the bad weather. Possibly it’s hard to muster enthusiasm for decking when the garden is covered in 8 inches of permafrost.

But while the weather has undoubtedly been problematic for farmers and small rural businesses, it’s hard to see how it could have wildly affected businesses like Next, who are also reporting slow sales. Could snow be a convenient scapegoat for being a bit rubbish, like ‘leaves on the line’? Maybe it’s because they sell horrible high-waisted mum jeans and depressing rugby shirts for men who have given up on life?

Some smarter retailers like John Lewis are taking a more entrepreneurial approach to the weirdo weather, stocking fake daffodils for the first time and reporting a year-on-year 18% increase in sales of faux flowers. Also, M&S say that sales of mulled wine are up 50%.

See, it’s not all bad...


  • John
    Lucy Sweet - author of this piece. Has it not crossed your mind that the weather means shoppers are less likely to want to buy skirts, T-shirts, shorts etc... as a result of the weather being so poor? Given Next just posted good results and their share price has risen yet again, is this actually a complete non story?
  • The T.
    @ John "Lucy Sweet" doesn't exist.
  • Paul C.
    @John "Next" doesn't exist.
  • Sicknote
    Nest is nothing more than a marketing engine for Philippine & Indian sweat shops; it's a VC group that own the outfit. Fill your boots if you like cheap looking clobber.
  • Spencer
    Who remembers when we had 'Global Warming'? 'Greenhouse' gasses - clogging the atmosphere trapping the suns warmth causing a 'greenhouse effect' whereby everything slowly got warmer....? Pepperidge farm remembers... When statistics proved that theory was bullcrap - we had to call it 'Climate change' instead, that way human made Co2 was responsible (and taxable) no matter what happens to the weather.... And as for Next - Most of the U.K's clothing is made by Bangladeshi/Vietnamese 8yr olds... regardless of where you buy them....

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