The smell of Abercrombie and Fitch causes anxiety

abercrombie If Abercrombie and Fitch - the shop for heartless jocks and their girlfriends the world over - didn’t make you feel anxious and panicky enough, it turns out that it also pumps out the SMELL OF FEAR.

It’s policy in A&F’s shops to pump its signature cologne – called Fierce – through the air conditioning system. But it’s now having to reduce the amount of stink it creates because their fragrance has been scientifically proven to be panic inducing.

Yes, Fierce apparently contains 11 chemicals that are not listed on the bottle that can cause headaches, dermatitis and wheezing. And a recent piece of research into consumers and scents found that shoppers’ anxiety levels can be affected by certain in-store scents.

Professor Bianca Grohmann from Concordia University found that shoppers preferred scents ‘reminiscent of wide open spaces’, otherwise they started to have a panic attack by the folded jumpers.

Fierce, however, smells like enclosed spaces – with a slight whiff of burning underpants. And combine that with their deliberately dark stores and snooty attitude if you’re anything more than a size 6, then you’ve got a recipe for a nervous breakdown.

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  • Keith t.
    And not forgetting that their range is seriously over priced!!

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