The price of milk is going up

The price of milk is going up

The price of milk is important - it's the one thing celebrities are asked about, to see if they're out of touch or not.

Well, the price of milk is going up, as checkout prices of a pint has gone up by 75%.

There's been something of a price war on milk among retailers, with Iceland (the shop, not the country that just knocked England out of Euro 2016) ending their 25p pint price. It'll now cost you 44p, which is the same price you'll find at Aldi and Lidl.

The Grocer noticed that prices started sneaking back up in the last few months - all the big supermarkets have added a penny on the cost of two pints.

An Iceland spokesperson told The Grocer that they have to stay competitive on price, but by the same token, where "very conscious of the pressure on UK dairy farmers".

They added that Iceland had "been looking to raise our retail selling price as soon as we could do so without risking a loss of business to our competitors".

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