The mighty Trio is coming back!

trio People of a certain age will remember the mighty Trio bar, complete with the advert which starred the obnoxiously loud favourite, Suzy, and her two dopey hippie mates.

Well, after spending some time away from the shelves, Trios are coming back, which is great news if you've suddenly thought about wanting one, and you want one now.

Jacobs and McVities made them in the past, but this time, they're coming back thanks to United Biscuits. If you don't remember them, they're basically a small chocolate bar, which has toffee flavoured innards, with a bit of a shortbread biscuit base.

They're going to be on the supermarket shelves from March 1st, and of course, there's going to be a marketing campaign to announce their return and, yes, Suzy and her hippies are going to be starring in them too.

Sarah Heynen, marketing director of sweet biscuits for United Biscuits, said: "We are very excited to bring Trio back to market. We simply couldn’t ignore consumer calls to bring back what has been dubbed one of the most missed and popular biscuit brands. Insights have shown that the feeling of warmth towards this product has not faded as Trio’s retro brand continues to evoke a powerful feeling of nostalgia, and we anticipate strong demand from consumers to see it on shelf in their supermarket. We’re also sure that Trio will also find a new fan base with those that didn’t try it the first time around!"

So there you go. Now, you can watch Suzy in all her glory.


  • wholenutpeanut
    And the best thing about this advert is the John Peel voiceover...
  • Keith
    Heaven for this 80's just bring back Texan (again. Best chocolate bar ever), Swisskit and Nutty and I'll book into the diabetes clinic well in advance.
  • LL J.
    Hopefully they resurrect the original Jacobs recipe, not the gross McShittie's version.
  • BringBackBanjoChocolateBar
    Bring Back Banjo chocolate bar (made by Mars) last seen in the 1980's it needs a long overdue comeback. Come on Mars re-issue Banjo, Pacers, Spangles, Treets as a selection box.

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