The Gratis Grab Bag – free stuff from HotUKDeals

709829 Here’s our latest round-up of things you can get even if you’ve got hardly any money at all. Wowsers - thanks HotUKDeals!

FREE PRINCE CD: The Purple Ponce’s newest album, ‘20Ten’, will be given away with copies of the Daily Mirror and Daily Record on Saturday 10th July. Not completely free as you’ll need to buy the paper to get one, but there might be a few copies lying around on the ground or in the bin outside your newsagents.

FREE NECTAR POINTS: Get 50 free points for filling in an online survey about your mobile phone or if you can’t be arsed with that, you can get five free points just for watching a Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief trailer. What Are five Nectar points worth? A weak fart? Probably.

FREE BODYFORM MICRO PANTY LINERS: Waaaaaaaaah, Bodyfoooorrrm, Bodyforrrm’s for yoooooooouuu!!

FREE TEA AND COFFE: As well as discounts and reduced-price cinema tickets and stuff. Just join the Ikea Family and all that and more could be yours.

FREE CHILD-TRAINING CHARTS: Downloadable charts to aid with potty training and improving your kids’ behaviour. If they don’t work, roll them up and crack them around the back of the neck with them.

That’s your lot – now sod off for a bit.

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