The final day of Borders - everything must go

And so, the end is near - Borders will close its doors this evening while administrators finish winding up the business. Emails sent earlier to their customers state prices have been cut by 90 per cent for the final day - they deliberately don't say "by up to 90 per cent" so we assume that means all prices have been reduced.

It's not only the stock that's been flogged - if you can carry it, it seems you can buy it:

Bitterwallet - everything, and I mean everything, must go!

So a few stores will survive until tomorrow but today essentially marks the end of Borders. Have you been to their sale? Was it utter pandemonium and empty shelves or could nobody give a festive hoot? Let us know if you've been and witnessed the carnage.


  • F. F.
    I bought meself a nice cash register
  • Chance
    Good if you want very cheap floor to ceiling shelving books - not much left, mostly seem to be books by ex soapstars
  • xman
    I went a while back. It felt like looting and just depressed me so I bought nothing. They stopped selling any decent books a while back though - when they replaced books with DVDs and CDs
  • Mark C.
    When I went to Borders last week after they announced their bankruptcy, I thought I might find some decent books. No decent books at all, and the 40% slashed prices were still higher than Amazon. Also, I had to fight to get out past the woman wrestling over candlesticks and place mats. So it goes.
  • Kevin
    I went into Cambridge's branch yesterday (it closes tomorrow) and it was a tip. Obviously had no cleaners in for a while going by the dirt, wrappers etc on the floor. The 'stock' had been poured onto tables and there were bits on the floor that noone cared about. The few bits of ral stock they have left is the stuff that would probably not get sold anyway, and the 'new' stuff they've brough it in overpriced (yes amazingly so) rubbish to fill the other spaces. The only thing that could be worth buying are the bookzines, the things that are basically big mazgines that were being sold for half price, which is good considering they were being sold next door at WH Smith. Not that I wanted them, but that was all that was left. There was a bit of furniture and odds and ends being sold but nothing worth looking at. I guess the general shelving is all going to be sold on in bulk or will be stripped out by the receivers and passed on elsewhere with other fittings that are probably worth more than anything else they have. The thing to ask now is, what the hell is going to go into the rather large building they're going to leave behind. It's too big for most companies, and those that it would suit (M&S, Boots, Next, HMV0, already have large stores in Cambridge. Used to be a department store back in 1999 when they took it over, no such alternative now.
  • Merlinho
    £26 of vouchers down the drain for me. They changed the rules in admin so vouchers could only be used to half-fund any purchase. Enjoy, Borders secured creditors...

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