The cheapest Christmas is from…TESCO

With all the awards and fuss made about the budget supermarkets, struggling Tesco have decided to reach deep into their Santa sack and pull out the present everybody wants – a discounted Christmas. The Grocer magazine found that Tesco’s Christmas shopping basket totaled £135.80, pipping the usual winner – Asda - to the post by just 41p.


The sample basket contains all the Christmas essentials, like red wine, champagne, bacon wrapped sausages and Christmas pudding, all of which Tesco has marked down. It's the first time Tesco have ever come top in the Grocer's 'Christmas 33' list.

Despite winning it for the last four years, Asda were not pleased. They went all Grinchy green at Tesco’s sneaky festive strategy and spat:

‘It’s a hollow victory for them to win by just 41p, when we do the right thing by holding down the cost of living week in, week out. Yes, we are disappointed, but we are in the long game.'

Still, to be fair, there’s not much in it between the major supermarkets, anyway. Morrisons comes in at £136.93, Sainsbury’s £145.14 and Waitrose £147.55, with a difference of just 10%. But that won't stop them from throwing sprouts and calling each other names.

God, supermarkets can be so immature.


  • rash
    Yes - but Asda quality is better! Tesco is usually crap quality. Can't really compare the two based purely on numbers
  • Alexis
    All moot considering people buy by what's on offer. Full price shopping baskets comparisons are pointless.
  • ugly f.
    it's all pointless.....what if the Asda is further away than Tesco, all that fuel you will waste. Particularly if you're carrying around heavy windscreen wiper motors.
  • Her L.
    Not to mention the quality of the shopping experience which is easily worth a couple of quid. At Waitrose the experience is so pleasurable it's comparable to a nice massage albeit without the happy ending. If I have to shop at a Tesco I leave feeling dirty and violated with pure contempt for fellow shoppers. Who needs that kind of trolley-rage so close to Christmas?
  • bittertraveller
    @ugly ripped mine out last night and turned the radio up to 11. with the fuel savings I'm minted! I'm thinking to go all flintstone and take out that pesky motor thingy in the front. It only gives me hassles anyway, with the effort to start and stop it all of he time.
  • shakesheadsadly
    I wouldn't care if Tesco was £10 cheaper. I'd rather pay the £10 and go somewhere else.
  • _Me_
    Why does everyone knock Tesco? Personally, I'd much rather shop at Waitrose or Sainsbury's too, but it's much better than shopping with the snotty nosed horrors in Morrison or the inbreds in Asda.
  • Mike O.
    Were LIDL and Aldi in the list?
  • morryweed
    @_Me_Morrisons has actually made a big turn around recently and there is no doubt that their fresh products are the freshest and generall best (except for waitrose) @Mike and...why even mention ALdi and Lidl...would YOU want to get all your Christmas food from Aldi?

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