The Cash Mobs are here to snub big business and help the small trader


We’re all familiar with the concept of the ‘flash mob’ – where a gang of halitosis-addled students gather together in a public place and do a simultaneous outburst body-popping to raise awareness for animal-strangling. But what of the ‘cash mob’? What fresh hell is THAT when it’s at home?

Well it’s a new scheme where crowds of people gather together and spend their money in a local store, boosting said store’s profits while cocking a snook at the supermarkets and/or other big businesses. The first such event saw an eight-times rise in profit for the Visible Voice book store in Cleveland, Ohio as cash-mobbers went nuts and threw money around the place.

It was started up by Cleveland lawyer Andrew Samtoy, and last weekend saw the first International Cash Mob day, with as many as 200 mobs across the USA and Europe in action, following the Cash Mob rules, which are “You have to spend at least $20, meet three people you never met before and have fun”.

Does that sound like the kind of thing that could catch on in the UK or is it all just a bunch of monied hippies fannying about? There’s more at the Cash Mobs website.



  • Kevin
    Nice idea but if these people liked the small businesses wouldn't they be using them already? Will be interesting to see the queues for some small businesses 'Cash Mob hits a local key cutter?' ;)
  • Tweedskin
    We had a "Carrot Mob" in Lewisham after the riots. Basically, a local MP organised everyone to visit Lewisham Market the Saturday after the riots and buy all their fruit and veg there. A great idea, unfortunately the only good idea said MP has had.
  • Alexis
    Americans like meeting strangers though. Normal people don't.
  • A F.
    As an American citizen I object. I detest meeting strangers, unless of course I am at a gay bar, where a stranger at the bar could possibly be my future husband. America, too many cocks, not enough anus.
  • Sicknote
    Hmm, a load of fat Americans storm their local Kwikky Mart to buy Twinkies.....why the fuck am I not surprised at that. On another note. why not pop into your local large chain fast food establishment; buy a super size gut buster meal and then launch the whole lot onto the floor. When you're explaining to the manager that you tripped on a discarded pickle you can simply repeat the whole food throwing process when the meal is replaced...?
  • FlashRobber
    Ideal cover for a bit of shoplifting eh?
  • The m.
    They did that last summer... they just forgot to pay for the goods!
  • The B.
    I'm all in favour of this, could someone get my local shops to open at a time when I can actually use them and then I'll organise one? Oustide of 9-5 weekdays and pre midday on Saturday?
  • The B.
    Post midday. Twat.
  • Important P.
    I enjoy a post midday twat every now and then.
  • Mike H.
    What a pretentious bunch of cunts! Large shops declare their cash and thus get taxed. The small shops will declare as little cash as possible and pay minimal tax. So buying at larger stores puts money back into the system to waste on benefits and education. SoWELL FUCKING DONE YOU TIT HEADS!
  • Zleet
    Should introduce 'pack pockets' where they wear hoodies and go up to someone and give them loads of cash in a threatening manner but saying polite things.
  • Kristen B.
    cash mob*

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