The best and worst brands in the UK!

scottish-power Who is the worst brand in the UK? Well, according to a Which!!! survey, Scottish Power are the absolute pits. Generally speaking, the worst are energy companies, and that news will surprise absolutely no-one. Not far behind the energy companies, were our pals in the telecoms industry.

The worst companies, in order, are Scottish Power, Npower, BT, TalkTalk, Vodafone, Ryanair, EE, PC World/Currys, B&M Home Stores and Dreams.

It isn't surprising to see EE in there, as they recently emailed a customer, just to tell him that he was a "f***ing c***".

So which brands are the most loved, according to this Which!!! survey? Well, top of the class is Lush, who manage to have cheerful, helpful staff, even though they probably want to cry with all that potent smell of Lush products burning their eyes.

In order, the best are Lush, Pets at Home, Lakeland, Body Shop, John Lewis, Waitrose, First Direct, Waterstones, Dunelm, Amazon, Clarks, Marks and Spencer and the RAC. How about that eh?

If you want to see the full league table, click here.


  • Albi
    Nationwide at 14??? Try the mortgage team next time Which
  • Which?Police
    For crying out loud, it's Which? not Which!!!

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