That's why bums rob at Iceland


A man who took some bits and bobs from the bins out the back of Iceland, is to appear before magistrates after being charged under a squint-and-you’ll-miss-it section of the 1824 Vagrancy Act.

1824? That’s moved with the times then, eh.

According to the Guardian, it is expected Paul May, a freelance web designer, will argue that he was taking the food because he needed it to eat and does not consider he has done anything illegal or dishonest in removing food destined for landfill from a skip.

This could be a breakthrough of sorts, allowing fusty old magistrates to get their heads around the modern practice of ‘skipping’ (ie: taking food from bins to re-use), and could also highlight exactly how much waste is being pumped into landfills daily.

May, 35, along with Jason Chan and William James, all residents of a squat in north London, were arrested on 25 October, just before midnight, after a member of the public called the police to report three men climbing over a wall at the back of Iceland in Kentish Town.

Police then arrested the three men as they fled the scene, and confiscated items up to the value of £33. Now, we’re talking here about the bins round the back of an Iceland. You could probably feed a family for a fortnight with that.

Police returned the items to the Iceland store, who then – because of Health & Safety and that – probably threw them back into the bins.

Lawyers for the three men have asked the Crown Prosecution Service to consider dropping the case, but the CPS responded this month that the case would go ahead, because "we feel there is significant public interest in prosecuting these three individuals".

So if anyone would care to explain this significant public interest, then we’re all ears.



  • jokester4
    The CPS has issued this statement: "We would rather people starve to death than allow them to eat food that has been thrown away. This is not just because we're elitist scumbags that only care about getting richer while making the general public suffer. Also whenever we use the phrase 'significant public interest', we actually mean that we get sick sexual thrills by making the lower classes suffer"
  • OlPeculier
    Freelance webdesigner living in a squat? Is the industry that screwed?
  • klingelton
    Freelance doesn't mean working.
  • tek-monkey
    Why was it in the skip in the first place when food banks run dry? Food should never be thrown away unless it is unsafe for consumption, anything else borders on criminal in my eyes. As for "significant public interest in prosecuting" my only interest is seeing what tossers the CPS are, they're just helping protect profit margins as the supermarkets are scared you won't pay top dollar for food if you realise how much they bin and still make a fortune.
  • Alexis V.
    Have you read the Act? It's all about "whipping rogues and vagabonds"!
  • Gerkhin M.
    Cor blimey, I'm not going to Iceland again then - sorry scratch that, I've never been! Skippy do dah!
  • Bill R.
    I was in Tesco last week about 20.30, passing the bakery I saw this young assistant going along the fresh bread counter with a large sack pulled along behind her,she was throwing all the buns, baps, loafs, pastries etc that had been unsold into it, I asked her what happened to it ? answer was "Its going into the secure rubbish skip outback". The Rats at the landfill this is going to must be damn well fed. The Iceland at our place has a huge secure skip at the back in the car park, you cant get into this one as it is very well sealed and seems to have its access through the store wall.
  • RockinRon
    Meanwhile the CPS have not charged Nigella Lawson because 'it would not be in the public interest'. Go figure.
  • Han S.
    Case already dropped -
  • loishamaltone
    I was suspicious why a 'member of the public' would inform the police, and their quick response rate to what is a laughably minor incident. You could be getting all stabbed up in your grill in london you will get a 4 hour wait. Oh what a surprise, looks like the local 'cop shop' is located directly next to the iceland bins. Thats another bunch of hardened criminals sent to the big house, next it will be in depth investigations into who ate all the cream cakes in the staff canteen. Don't believe it? Google maps 'kentish town police station'
  • flipperni
    Hope the judge throws the book at Iceland for wasting the court's time.
  • Badgers B.
    Your all sounding like a bunch of Daily Fail readers.
  • jokester4
    @ loishamaltone - The police love incidents like this because it improves their 'crime' statistics without taking up much time or paperwork. Same goes for the vast majority of motoring offences - quick and easy. But if they responded to REAL incidents, they would have to actually do some work for once and may even get injured... Think about it - if you were a lazy prick of a copper, would you rather spend a lot of time and possibly risk your life trying to solve a real crime, or issue lots of pathetic motoring fines which make it look like you're doing something... @flipperni - Why, what have Iceland done???
  • jokester4
    @flipperni – "Earlier, Iceland issued a statement to say its staff did not call the police and the store had been trying to find out why the CPS believed it was in the public interest to pursue a case."
  • Shane
    @Badgers Begone I'm a superior Sun reader and point to your shit grammar.
  • People P.
    Consumer Law 101: " A squatter scales a high wall to break into a secure waste food storage bin. After consuming the food, he suffers from severe effects of food poisoning. How much will he be able to receive in compensation from the evil supermarket?"
  • jokester4
    @PeoplePeople: In any reasonable society, not a fucking penny. But considering the messed up legal systems in both the UK and the USA, probably £100,000s....
  • Buffylass
    what a disgrace and absolute waste of public money it was in the bins if I was starving I would probably do the same thing, isn't Iceland part of Morrisons now im sure I read somewere Morrisons had taken Iceland over some time ago, hope the judge throws this out of court, its bad enough people in this country are genuinely goin hungery while we feed other countries and give our money away haven't they heard the saying Charity begins at home, sort our own poor ppl out
  • Michael H.
    change the trolley
  • God
    It is not just food that goes to waste; years ago I was working at an incinerator site when a HGV pulled up and disgorged a full load of KFC branded "T" shirts and baseball caps to be incinerated as "Secure Waste". The local council staff were wearing these as work clothes for years afterwards, but that is not the point; why were these not donated to one of the many charity chains or disaster/refugee appeals for clothing?? The caps were shite, but the shirts were very high quality US made, and there were tens of thousands of them in sizes XS to XXL in a variety of colours and different KFC product logos.

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