Tesco's 'eco-friendly' carrier bags worse than normal ones

captain planetTesco have had to ditch their ‘eco-friendly’ carrier bags after research revealed there's a good chance that they're actually more environmentally damaging than conventional bags.

Of course, this is problematic given that, last year, the supermarket giant dished out more than two billion of the delightfully named oxo biodegradable bags to customers. With smugness in their hearts, they assumed they were doing their bit to reduce plastic waste, but now it seems, they've dropped a clanger.

See, oxo biodegradable bags are made of non-renewable plastics which degrade into water, carbon dioxide and biomass in just 18 months, provided that there's the presence of oxygen and sunlight.

Sadly for Tesco, a Defra study concluded that degradability entirely depends on the conditions that the bag ended up in. If it's under a load of rubbish on a tip, then chances are, it's getting no sunlight or air.

It's reported that the European Plastics Recyclers Association think that an oxo biodegradable bag isn't likely to degrade in landfill because of the absence of light and oxygen.

Captain Planet will not be pleased.


  • tin
    This is ridiculous. Just totally ban single use ones at the supermarket, like in Holland for example, and if you forget to bring your so called bags-for-life you have to buy new ones. That will make people remember pretty quickly. While we're at it why don't we do the bottle recycling they do as well?
  • Jerec
    Probably something to do with Human Rights.

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