Tesco's 'Big Price Drop' may not be all it seems

3 October 2011

BitterwalletYou have probably heard, thanks to the millions of articles and promos in the press, that Tesco is cutting their prices. This is good news for anyone wanting to make savings, right?

Well, here's a thing. The Big Price Drop might not be as good as imagined.

See, the Guardian emailed over an electronic receipt for £127.91 of groceries bought via the Tesco website on the 12th September with the question of 'how much would it cost to buy the same basket of 37 items today?'

How little is every little helps? Well, remarkably, Tesco stated that the shopping would cost £2.09 more.

And with Tesco halving loyalty points on its Clubcard, it seems that the savings aren't going to hit our wallets at all.

Is this a case of Tesco being all marketing and PR stunts rather than actual savings?

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  • Yue
    So much like last year's deals.
  • Dick
    > Is this a case of Tesco being all marketing and PR stunts rather than actual savings? You spelt cunts wrong.
  • Tim
    Getting the "important news" leaflet in the post about it told me straight away that the customer stands to be worse off before I'd even read the contents. The way I approach supermarket shopping these days anyway is to ignore deals, offers, rewards and just look at the per item price hidden in small print on the shelf labels and go for what really is the best value, not what I'm told is the best.
  • jim
    If Tesco can afford to throw money at the talent vacuum that is Fay Ripley, they don't need me to shop there...
  • PaulD
    their "price cuts" always involve higher prices.
  • Dan
    Whoa whoa whoa. They need to charge more, King Robert Baratheon needs to be paid, and paid well. He has plenty of whoreing to do, and they don't come cheap. Or do they?
  • Chalky
    Dick - best laugh I had all day :D
  • corbyboy
    The first thing that springs to mind for me is what the hell did this guy buy in the first place? £128 for 37 items! That's an average of £3.45 per item. Any chance we can see the shopping list? The price cuts are supposed to be about knocking a few pennies off everyday products like bread and orange juice. He clearly bought neither.
  • The B.
    I'd do Faye Ripley, but only from behind, I wouldn't want that melanoma winking at me.
  • Helen C.
    Why am I not surprised? As ever these promotions are more about the general perception than the actual substance, although there are surely enough savvy customers out there to see through this charade, like the chap who penned the Guardian article.
  • Martin
    You save money if you buy the things they have reduced the prices of. Pretty simple really.
  • Princess
    Is this tescos in ashford by ashforh hospital ???????

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