Tesco wants your kids to 'Eat Happy.'

27 January 2014

If your kid thinks that oven chips come from ovens and tuna is a kind of chicken, then Tesco’s ‘Eat Happy’ project is designed to help them find out where food comes from. (er…Tesco?)

kid sprout

The first part of this new project is the Farm to Fork initiative, where bored school children will tour factories and farms (possibly missing out abattoirs) and be forced to talk to coffee growers from Costa Rica. BOR-iNG. I mean, GREAT!

Tesco, in their continuing attempts to shed their reputation for being heartless megalomaniacs, will be investing 15 million in the scheme, which includes a digital launch and cookery classes in store. The aim is to help ‘the next generation have a healthier and happier relationship with food.’

So kids will go from garbage eating, clueless idiots to food bores who will say pretentious things about ‘provenance’ in restaurants.

Chris Bush, Tesco’s MD added:

‘We know parents are concerned that kids don’t always understand how food is made and where it comes from, which is important to developing a strong positive life-long relationship with food.'

I don’t know what he’s on about. Personally I’ve had a life-long relationship with Jammie Dodgers, Findus Crispy Pancakes and whatever the hell is in Rustler's microwaveable burgers.


  • Zeddy
    Ah! Garbage in....garbage out.
  • shiftynifty
    Whatever tesco punt to gloss over their dodgy reputation the damage has been done....they are slowly dying to a shrunken husk
  • Dick
    Oven chips do come from the oven. Unless you are eating them frozen, or just defrosted. And tuna is sea chicken. Check the BW archive for Andy Dawson's story on the Star Wars sea chicken advert.
  • Les D.
    @Dick, can't be arsed....can you post the link.

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