Tesco unveil recovery plan, cutting new store openings along the way

tesco NEWTesco may be the 3rd biggest shop in the known universe, but they're still struggling which is making shareholders jumpy. As such, the retail behemoth has announced what it plans to do in terms of recovery, saying that they'll be cutting new store openings by more than a third this year.

At the same time, Tesco will be doubling the number of outlets that allow customers to collect online purchases.

Announcing the plan, chief exec Philip Clarke said: "You might have the impression that Tesco is struggling. Well, we are not,” adding that these changes aim to “put the heart and soul back into Tesco." So are we looking at a 'click and collect' future, rather than the super mega mart that has been cropping up in out-of-town areas? Clarke added: "Before anyone writes the epitaph of the hypermarket, that’s a long way in the future.”

Tesco will be spending £1 billion in their attempt to overhaul their underperforming business, which aside from the aforementioned, will look at staffing levels, tidying up their stores and delivering better prices. More people on the tills would be great because those robot self-service things are plain sinister.

Clarke said: "The plan isn't radical, isn't a radical change of direction, but it's a radical change of pace - more staff, better quality and range, warmer stores, friendlier service and a determination to do the basic things better."


  • Spencer
    So 'warmer stores'and 'friendlier staff are the solution? There was me thinking the retail sector was up to it's neck in sh!t... Turns out the solution is tell all the mindless shelf drones to smile... and turn the heating up a bit. Dear Tesco Chief Exec Philip Clarke, Bell End. Sincerely, The World
  • klingelton
    at least Tesco have identified that they are underperforming early and are implementing an action plan to maximise profit while improving customer experience - unlike a certain Game retailer that shall remain nameless, who had their finger so far off the pulse, it was jammed firmly up their bottoms. Kudos Tesco.
  • Sicknote
    I would rather stand in a bucket of shit that shop at Tesco - how are they going to improve my perception of Tesco?
  • heywood_jablome
    They have cheap plastic buckets
  • bill
    @ Sicknote They might not improve your perception of Tesco, but they may improve your understanding of the English language.
  • Alexis
    Tesco stores are a mess. You walk in and there are a thousand massive offer signs in front of you, all designed by a different person, all in different colours. It's retinal overload when you walk in.
  • Mr. P.
    The Osmonds were at Tesco in Leicester yesterday. True.
  • Phil76
    Clarke added: ”Before anyone writes the epitaph of the hypermarket, that’s a long way in the future.” Nice quote. So Even Tesco's boss believes that the days of huge supermarkets are numbered? Can't stand the shop anyway. It wouldn't be so bad if they'd just stop moving their sodding stock around. You can't rely on things being in the same place from one week to the next leading to a fruitless hunt round the entire shop to find where they've decided to hide the jam this week (with bakery supplies last time I bothered going in)
  • Majorie D.
    Will the £1bn investment use the same smoke and mirrors that are utilised when they allegedly spend a fortune on price cuts?
  • Mike H.
    Probably becasue the zombie morons are shopping in ASDA.
  • Mike H.
    Those 'robot self service things' cost less than some spotty cunt on a till.
  • Mark S.
    I buy from Tesco Entertainment occasionally but that's it, I would certainly never set foot in one of their "establishments" again, it's like dawn of the dead in there, lots of shuffling, dribbling, groaning customers getting in the way.
  • spencer
    @ Mike Hock True... but in the long term? Would you shop at a tesco that only had automated self service bastards? Imagine line after line, frustrated people pawing at the touch screen - frantically waving their sandwich around, echoes of 'unexpected item in the bagging area' ringing over and over.... You wouldnt catch me anywhere near it. I'll take my business elsewhere thanks.
  • Lieutenant S.
    You know what Tesco should do to get more footfall... Introduce a ‘Buy One Get One Free… Later’ offer in their supermarkets. Customers who don’t opt to take the ‘free’ item from BOGOF offers will be given a voucher that will last for months – they can then go back and claim their ‘free’ item at a later date.
  • William's s.
    @ Mike Hock My local Tesco only has chocolate and other impulse buys on their tills although I was once offered some cheap spotty cunt in a Tesco car park though.
  • shoplifter
    My local tesco is what it is....pure shit....and I do want them to fail....massively
  • TescKnows
    There are about 250,000 employees in the UK. If they go under all your nightmares will come at once. Imagine the amount of Taxes to pay to support that amount of redundancies. Remember there are real people with families working in retail, you may not like the company but remember the impact that will occur on our economy if they went under. Think before placing mindless comments online.
  • TescDontKnows
    People will still buy the same crap, only not from Tesco. So rather than having 250k unemployed, you will have 250k distributed amongst other shops. TWAT
  • Expendable B.
    Do you really think that the other Big Supermarket Types would go blowing the cash to hire 250k extra workers between them, based on the economic indicator "a big and seemingly indestructible supermarket just collapsed and died"? Or do you think they'd reap the benefits of increased market share, work their employees a fuck lot harder for the same piddling wages and report bigger profits to their shareholders? I know what I reckon would happen.
  • Alan
    You'd think Tesco would be doing well with their thousands of free unpaid employees on the workfare programme, sent like a conveyor belt by the Job Centre.
  • Pile m.
    How about if Tescos just started selling things like tinned tomatoes at a reasonable price.
  • Tescrap
    I thought every little helps ?

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