Tesco turn away non-Black Friday shoppers

tesco bag Tesco - who don't seem to know their arse from their elbow at the minute - have embraced Black Friday by turning away shoppers who didn't want to take part in it, when their doors opened at 5am.

All over Twitter, people have been griping about it, with one in Edinburgh saying: "Was delighted to discover your Corstorphine store is happy to turn away anyone not wanting to buy a TV today. Won't be back."

"Got in as was there for 'normal' shopping, got basket, then told by two female staff I couldn't buy anything as it was black Friday?"

Tesco replied that their stores open at 7am for customers who don't want to take part in Black Friday. That seems completely counter-intuitive, but that's Tesco in 2015 for you.

A spokesman for Tesco said: “Our Black Friday event has been very popular so far and feedback from customers has been extremely positive. As part of our plans, we advised customers not participating in the event to visit our stores after 7am. Colleagues have been on hand to help the very small number of customers who needed assistance.”


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