Tesco too literal with their marketing slogans

Tesco can't get a thing right at the moment, with legal action being taken against them for that accounting balls-up, and now, they're being far too literal with their marketing slogans.

Have a look at this lovely scene and see if you can spot it (we didn't, immediately).


While the Tesco lorry proudly crows: "You shop, we drop", you can see that the fella in the hi-vis jacket has taken the slogan on as gospel, and dropped his load everywhere.

If advertising slogans are all correct, maybe Gillette is the best a man can get and the men of the world have already peaked, and we should just give up?



  • Han S.
  • No c.
    Idiotic example. That is a milk trolley, they don't use these lorries for h0me delivery and he was probably resupplying a store.

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