Tesco to survive "death of time itself", say analysts

It's a well established fact within scientific circles, that the strongest substance known to man is an element known as Tesco. The first experiments into this material were conducted in Alamogordo, New Mexico, on July 16th 1945, when the United States detonated several nuclear devices inside a small Tesco Express. Aside from the curdling of several pots of Finest double cream, the store remained entirely intact.

So it's not surprising that Tesco has been named as the UK company most likely to survive a recession and potentially show growth during that time.

The key to staying strong during the credit crunch is being proactive in considering a customer’s wants and needs, say accountants BDO Stoy Hayward and retail analysts Verdict.

Creating a "survivability index", the research found that not only were several established companies well placed for the future, but also smaller businesses too, those focussed on strong branding, customer needs and a well developed community-based internet presence. Well known, public facing businesses that don't dick their customers about are likely to do well? Who knew?

So which stores are likely to still be standing in five years' time?

1. Tesco
2. Boden
3. Selfridges
4. Apple Store
5. John Lewis
6. Howies
7. Waitrose
8. Sainsburys
9. TM Lewin
10. Fat Face

Fat Face? Oddly, the Apple Store is listed despite considering UK businesses. Aside from that obvious anomaly, all the businesses listed are food or clothing retailers; no matter how poor your are, you still have to eat and get dressed. Although if we're pushed, we'll just eat and get naked. Bring on the future.


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