Tesco to stop selling Carlsberg

beer-300x225 Tesco is pulling nearly all Carlsberg products from their shops, as part of some cost cutting scheme. Obviously, no-one on Earth has Calsberg lager at the top of their list of beers (it is 'serviceable', rather than 'a delight'), but some people will no doubt feel aggrieved at this news.

That said, you'll still be able to buy four-packs Carlsberg, provided you live near one of the selected 200 stores which will still stock them. If not, we're sure you're aware of the fact that there's a local off-licence who will sell them to you.

Carlsberg is the latest brand to get the boot from Tesco, as they've been getting rid of Ribena, Capri-Sun and Kingsmill from their shelves this year.

A spokeswoman for Tesco said: "We have taken the decision to discontinue a number of Carlsberg products in our stores and online. We will continue to offer customers a great range of beers, lagers and ciders. Colleagues in store will be on hand to offer assistance and suggest alternatives should customers find a product they used to buy is no longer available."

Imagine. Walking up to another human and saying; "I normally drink Carlsberg, so I'm looking for something similar, because Carlsberg is the only beer for me...". Bitterwallet would throw a can of Bass shandy at them and kick them up the arse while we were at it.

Anyway, this is bad news for Carlsberg, as they've not been performing too well of late, so getting thrown out of the biggest supermarket in the UK is going hit their balance sheet pretty hard.

And look! We managed to do a complete article without doing a 'probably the best...' joke!


  • Pie M.
    No, it's not 'serviceable'. The stuff tastes like piss. It's rare that I agree with anything Tesco does but I make an exception in this case.
  • bonoborama
    Ribena, Capri-Sun, Kingsmill. All still available at my local Tesco. I looked.
  • jim
    oh - i quite like a cold carlsberg :(
  • Russ
    Thanks Pie Muncher, as you think it tastes like piss that means everyone thinks it tastes like piss!! Serviceable is probably about right for a Carlsberg. Maybe they can swap a case of 12 Carlsberg for case of Moretti instead, that would be a good swap!

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