Tesco to go all Minority Report with new face detection adverts

4 November 2013

Tesco have announced that they're going to be getting really creepy and installing screens at 450 petrol station forecourts which allow advertisers to use facial recognition software while filming your face, so they can glean information about you and tailor which adverts are shown while you queue at tills.

This technology is being deployed in conjunction with Amscreen, who just happens to be owned by Lord Sugar. And you can see their dead-eyed pitch below.

This Minority Report style meddling is known as OptimEyes and it films you before feeding all our faces into a data stream which advertisers can then manipulate.

Defending his technology Sugar said: "Yes, it’s like something out of Minority Report, but this could change the face of British retail and our plans are to expand the screens into as many supermarkets as possible. The OptimEyes does not store images or recognise people but just works out gender and sorts customers into one of three age brackets."

Changing the face of British retail? Maybe we should all change our faces with masks to muck up this snide device? Either way, Tesco will have this Amscreen deal in place for the next five years.


  • Tits M.
    Doesn't work. I grew a beard, wore a Thobe and made my wife stand 10 metres behind me whilst queuing but I didn't get a single advert on rape or how to abort a girl foetus.
  • Life’s G.
    How much information can they glean by watching me fill up with diesel? Idiots...
  • Captain A.
    Everyone should dress up as pirates, eye patches and plastic hooks. See if we get ads for hook polish and boat insurance.

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