Tesco to expand leftover food charity work

tesco A rare bit of nice Tesco news now, and the supermarket is expanding their scheme which gives unsold food to charities. Any food they've got which is leftover from some of the company's warehouses and stores will be available to local charities in the UK, to be redistributed through Fare Share.

It is a lot of food too, as Tesco have said that they threw away 30,000 tonnes of food last year, that could've been eaten.

Most of the wasted food is bakery items, fruit and veg, and things like pre-made sandwiches and salads. They are trialling an app with Fare Share and Food Cloud, so that perfectly good food can be given out by store managers.

Homeless hostels, women's refuges and children's clubs will be among those that benefit from this.

Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis: "Nobody wants to waste food... we have to avoid creating waste in the first place. No-one wants to throw away food which could otherwise be eaten."

"This is potentially the biggest single step we've taken to cut food waste, and we hope it marks the start of eliminating the need to throw away edible food in our stores."

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