Tesco to close a number of 24 hour stores

tesco Tesco's continued bid to sort themselves out after making a hash of absolutely everything, including falling sales, trying to sell bits of itself off, and more, have now announced that they're going to close a host of their 24-hour stores, because they can't afford it.

The retailer has been doing 24-hour trading since the mid-'90s, and now has 400 24-hour Extras and superstores.

However, those that aren't bringing in enough money will be closed down.

Dave Lewis, the new boss at Tesco, is trying to turn things around for the beleaguered supermarket chain, and thanks to many doing their shopping online, the out-of-town superstores are no longer the preferred choice for shoppers.

Lewis said that as many as one-fifth of all products were selling one unit or less each week.

"We’re always thinking about how to best serve customers in each of our stores," said a spokesperson. "Where there is a case to look at the opening hours of a store, we will do so, but any decisions will be made locally and our colleagues will be the first to know."

So, if you work nights and you're relying on a 24 hour Tesco for your snacks and cigs at 4am, you're going to have to get yourself organised, because your local Tesco might be shutting up shop for the night.

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  • Moneynut
    Surely the headline 'Tesco to close a number of 24 hour stores' is way off the mark to the actual story? Although less exciting, 'Tesco to reduce opening hours of 24 hour stores' is far more accurate?

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