Tesco to avoid midnight starts on Black Friday

tesco After the carnage that was last year's Black Friday, Tesco are going to delay their opening times for the bigger supermarkets. Initially, Tesco were going to fling their doors open at midnight, but now they're going to give their staff a chance to prepare at the 250 Extra stores on 27th November, by opening at 5am.

Will it make any difference? Probably not, but Tesco are reacting to a police warning, that said supermarkets needed to make sure they were sufficiently prepared in terms of security and generally maintaining some order.

The supermarket said that they have individually assessed each store, and will be making sure there's extra support with more security guards and barriers to make queuing safer.

“This change will allow us to provide the best possible service to help our customers,” a spokesman said.

As you know, Asda are not going headlong into Black Friday this year, and have decided to tone down their involvement. Rather than offer all their discounts on one day, they're going to run promotions over a number of weeks, in the lead up to Christmas.

Either way, if you're up for punching someone's lights out over a barbecue set and a console system, you can now get some shut-eye instead of waiting up 'til midnight. You'll be fresh as a daisy and ready to rumble.

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  • Marc O.
    "Chance to prepare" = first dibs on all the good stuff.

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