Tesco taking lots of staff on

Deals of the Day.

We have featured loads of jobs on the site recently, as the retailers look to take on swathes of people in the run-up to Christmas.

There's a lot of roles going and, even though it has looked a bit shaky recently, Tesco is still a massive deal and they're looking at getting some new people in.

There's nightshift work, customer assistants and all manner of jobs up for grabs. Tesco have a neat little search and map area, so you can easily see what's going on near you. If you're willing to travel, or not, you can set the parameters in the careers section, so you can check the places around your area.

Anyway, enough of this chat - good luck if you're applying. Click here to see what jobs Tesco have to offer you.


  • courtney n.
    I'm a 17 year old still studying a school and am looking for a part time wkend job I am also able to work Thursday nights. I'm hard working and love a challenge and meeting new people
  • Debbie k.
    Hi I am looking for work and have retail experience in supermarkets
  • Louise m.
    Hello I'm 46 of clean and tidy appearance my children are all grown live local to prince ave Southend I'm trust worthy hard working and looking to work for you please
  • lynda W.
    Hi am after part time work I live in Hatfield Hertfordshire. Thank you
  • Tracey h.
    Hi I am very interested in your job vacancies. I have been a dental nurse for twenty five years and I am looking for a change of career.please could you let me know details of any job vacancies that are available. Many thanks Tracey.
    Hi I'm just enquiring about the job vacancies, if you kindly let me know I would be grateful thank u
  • mary
    I am intrested in a job at a tesco branch
  • Janice B.
    I would like to find a Christmas job.
  • ann b.
    Is ther any jobs in liverpool
  • Nathan P.
    Are people that dull? Commenting on a BitterWallet article won't land you a job at Tesco! Tracey Hallows, so you're willing to abandon a job as a dental nurse and would rather stack shelves and work behind a checkout instead? Okay...
  • Meh
    None of these people deserve a job if they cannot work out the difference between a two bit 'news' site and Tesco's. Retards, the lot of 'em.
  • kevin s.
    hi i am after a job consider me for a position in warehouse/shop floor
  • Chloe b.
    I’m a 17 year old studying at college (only in two and a half days) and am looking for a part time and weekend job, I am also able to work Monday and Wednesday nights. I am a hard working and confident individual also love a challenge and meeting new people.
  • Ellie B.
    Hi I'm Ellie Betts and I'm 17 years old. I love to meet new people and I work very well either in on my own or as a team, I have very good time keeping skills and I have good people skills. I always work to a high standard and always come across very friendly and polite. I will always work with a smile on my face and work to the best I can, if you would like to give me some more information on this job please via email, thank you.
  • Kayleigh S.
    I live in Woking and looking for work xxxxx
  • Sarah
    I am looking for part time work in stevenage possible home shopping
  • Sibel
    I'am looking for part-time job.i live in ealing broadway
  • Andra
    Good morning! I am interested in a job at a Tesco branch in Purley, Croydon. I can also work night shifts
  • Martin H.
    Hi I would like to apply for a job with tesco, I am a hard working father of 3, I have a quiet but confident manner and work well in a team. I would like to give my kids a nice Xmas with extra income Thankyou
  • Joy H.
    I'm looking for part/full time Jobs I'm not working at the moment I've got 9 yrs retail experience I live in Wednesfield Wolverhampton
  • adam r.
    Having just finished my job with the council i am eager to start work immediately .please get intouch i have driving experience and manual work
  • Kyle C.
    I am 16 years of age and looking for a part time job over the christmas period and would happily stay on if offered
  • Sarah t.
    Hi, I've very available, really flexible can do any days and any hours. Willing to work, I'm 17 left school and will do anything
  • Mr e.
    Are these people for real? Or is it just a troll... Nah must be a troll, you can't all be that stupid, right?!
  • Teresa R.
    hi I am looking for part time work in the Bexhill on sea store.. Many thanks
  • Claire N.
    Hi as off Monday I will be out of work, I have cared for a client for 3 yrs and now he is having to go into a care home therefore leaving me jobless, I would very much appreciate work,part/full time thank you Claire
  • James D.
    Some odd things happen with tesco on this forum, why do you all seem to think that posting here will get you a job with tesco?
  • emily h.
    hi im currently looking for work i live in bradford so area would be great, im looking for part time hours thanks
  • Kevin D.
    Looking for fulltime 40 hours per week
  • stephenmceachran
    Hi there am looking for full time work.am a out going person can work well with the public good time keeping hard working and also reliable anything else you would like know just pop a we email to me hope to her from. You. Soon.

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