Tesco take on rivals with £6 lobster!

lobster Seems like the mighty lobster is the thing that the supermarkets are going to war over, which is good news for those of us who like to eat things with massive claws.

We all know that Lidl and Aldi have offered cheapo lobster, but now, Tesco are at it. Lidl have been selling them for £4.99, while Aldi plans to sell whole lobster four days before Christmas for £9.99.

Tesco's offering gets right into the mix, as they're selling whole frozen Canadian lobster for £6 (and they're a bit bigger than Lidl's offering). They're not stopping there - Tesco are also going to be selling a £9 bottle of Louis Dealuney Champagne, so you can be really fancy on a budget.

“Customers are clearly developing a taste for luxury food and this year we are helping to make it even more affordable for them by offering a delicious lobster for just £6,” said Tesco’s frozen fish buyer Gary Mannion. “The key to buying lobster is not to be fooled by buying a smaller and cheaper lobster which offers less meat for your money.”

While this is a direct rip-off of Tesco's German counterparts, this is more like it - no confusing deals and schemes, just cheap stuff we can throw down our necks.

Tesco are right to look at what Aldi are doing, as recently, they overtook Waitrose in terms of market share.

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