Tesco store riddled with dirt and old ham

Tesco in Slough is filthy, and not in a good way. Customer Sylvia Tyler was browsing in the Slough branch of the store when she found that the shelves were covered in grime, crumbs and general detritus. When she asked the manager why they were in such a grotty state, she was told that the shelves were ‘difficult to clean.’


Sylv was having a look at the Reduced to Clear section when she first noticed the dirt, including a long neglected packet of ham that was wedged down a gap in the shelves. When she complained to the manager, however, he seemed ‘blasé’. Two weeks later, it was in a worse state, and THE SAME PACK OF HAM WAS STILL THERE. She then reported the store to Environmental Health.

Tesco, who got into trouble last year after their Covent Garden store was found to be infested with mice and covered in droppings, said the Slough store had now been deep cleaned, (and presumably blasé managers have been given their marching orders.)

'We maintain very high standards of hygiene and cleanliness in our stores, and we're disappointed that those were not met on this occasion,' said a spokesman.'Colleagues regularly deep-clean all of the shelving in the stores and we've taken action to return the shelves to their usual high standards.’

(Of grottiness).


  • Tim B.
    I think you "presume" wrong Lucy. If the managers had been sacked, Tesco would be more than happy to say so. Tenner says they're still there.
  • M00bs
    Tesco's are filthy. Considering they are our largest retailer you thought they would be able to get the basics correct. I'm amazed at the poor standard their toilets are in and the catering facilities (for a food retailer) are laughable.
  • Dick
    > Tesco store riddled with dirt and old ham That sums up people that shop in Tesco quite well.
    I worked at Tescos in Rawtenstall in Lancashire, and the warehouse was dark, damp and was overrun with mice. They left teeth marks in various baking products, especially marzipan, and when I mentioned it to management, they weren't bothered (that's management - not the mice! LOL).
  • Turd M.
    Managers Bane of the hard working classes And cunts of the system
  • Mr C.
    Slough.....nuff said!

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