Tesco slammed for CT scan Clubcard 'perk'

tesco_1You might think you need your head examining if you’re prepared to hand over your personal details to a supermarket’s loyalty card scheme but if you’ve got a Tesco Clubcard, it’s one of the perks. Not just your head, but your whole body.

The retail giant has been criticised by The Society Of Radiographers for failing to make clear the associated risks that come with CT scans, which are currently available to Clubcard holders.

The radiographers say that as well as the perils of radiation exposure, CT scans can flag up things that later turn out to be perfectly harmless, leading patients to clog up their GPs surgeries and causing everyone untold sleepless nights.

Tesco – groceries, clothes, electricals, toys and a laser beam up your Harris.


  • Joe S.
    Now Tesco have finally got a clubcard promotion worth the paper it's printed on. Anyone know how much it'll cost to get a CT scan as if you ever wanted one on the NHS you'd be waiting months!
  • Gunn
    Well I'm meant to be getting one this month and the private hospital charge sheet says between £700-£1600 I heard that the radiation from the scan is not much more than you'd get when flying transatlantic a few times.
  • andy y.
    What a load of toss. The society of radiographers is just pissed that there bif fatty titty profit private screening buisness is getting a bit of margia pressure
  • ElBuc
    Can you get cancer from scanning your Tesco Clubcard?
  • juankerr
    £800 for an MRI or at least it was when I had one. £350 for Xray and Ultrasound combo and 20 mins with a specialist. I was speaking to a lass that worked for the NHS, a doctor friend of hers would hire one in Paris for a week or so and charge £200 a throw...so we are being ripped off...again. Of course you could wait a very long time to get scanned on the NHS for nowt.
  • Tom P.
    How do i get one of these scans? Do you lay down on the conveyor belt when your shopping has passed through?
  • Daniel
    Are you stupid Tom?
  • fayshun
    No Daniel, he's joking.
  • Kevin
    Sorry Gunn, that's not right. 1 x-ray's worth of radiation is what you'd get from a one-way trip to NY from London. A dental x-ray is the equivalent of less than 1.5 days of natural exposure to radiation. A chest x-ray is the equivalent of 3 days. A CT head scan is the equivalent of 1 years worth of exposure to natural radiation A CT abdomen/pelvis scan is the equivalent of 4.5 years of exposure. (http://www.virrad.eu.org/public/public/nn_dose.html) It's not nothing. Of course you need it you need it but don't go exposing yourself to unnecesary medical exposures. I get the odd free MRI from work (research institute) so I know my brains alright but then thats a giant magnet, no radiation atall.
  • Scoucer S.
    I love that TESCO uses the slogan "Every little helps". If you remove the two outside letters you get: "TESCO - very little help" Which sums them up in my book.
  • Stuart
    Months waiting on the NHS?! Waiting time is, like, two weeks at the hospital I work at. For people who, y'know, actually REQUIRE a CT scan, as requested by an actual doctor. Haven't heard the exact terms and whatnot of this "promotion" but it sounds kinda messed up to me.
  • Unabletopublish
    I've got a MRI of the head coming up on the NHS. From the request being made by a real doctor, the wait is around 4 weeks. Hardly ages...
  • -Mike H.
    Sorry, what the fuck are you on about?

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