Tesco sell man clay instead of iPad

newipad-640x360 Colin Marsh went to Tesco and bought an iPad for £470. That, in itself, is a very boring story. However, when he opened it up, he was rather surprised to find three lumps of clay inside the box, rather than an Apple tablet.

He then returned the item, as you would, only to have the staff report him to the police on suspicion of attempted fraud. Our Colin was whisked off to his local police station and was held there for hours before being released on bail.

The missing iPad was found 200 miles away in Wales almost two months later and Marsh was told that he wouldn't face charges and, unsurprisingly, Tesco have yet to apologise.

"You just can't treat people like that. It's absolutely disgusting. I've not even had so much as an apology from Tesco. It's disgraceful," he said.

Tesco did issue a statement: "We were very disappointed to learn that the product we sold to Mr Marsh had been tampered with. We would of course never knowingly have sold it to Mr Marsh and we apologise sincerely for the problems this has caused him."


  • Carl
    "Tesco have yet to apologise..." "...we apologise sincerely for the problems this has caused him"
  • Han S.
    Three lumps of clay. More useful than an IPad then.
  • paul
    a pr statement is different to a personal apology.
  • Fat H.
    'suspicion of attempted fraud' goes well with any Apple product.
  • Xeno
    What is 'man clay'?
  • Captain.Cretin
    Tesco still havent given me my £20 refund OR the receipt I have been asking for since Easter.
  • Mark W.
    This is an interesting story. How was the iPad traced to Wales? Who had it? According to other reports of this story, it was activated in someone's name. Where did that person buy it? Is there an audit trail? Closure required.
  • Olde S.
    @Xeno Man clay is what you get after a weeks course of high dosage codeine.
  • Dosser
    ^ Oh man, I feel your pain. ^
  • Dick
    Why do they need to apologize? There was clearly attempted fraud, so they called the police in. He has been fault not to be guilty, so it is taken no further by the police.
  • Big M.
    Why do they need to apologize? ^ For selling him clay for £470 instead of an iPad, resulting in a trip to the cop shop. It wasn't 'clearly attempted fraud', this implies subsequent guilt. It was suspicious and most people would find the claim dubious. I assume the investigations into the matter were done largely (entirely) by Tesco.
  • james d.
    There is a lot of missing information here, what did he do come back saying "hey you sold me clay instead of an iPad" or did he return the box not informing them that it contained clay?
  • Big M.
    ^ I imagine the former.
  • Nathan
    It's his fault. If he accepted the iPad which clearly had no cellophane wrapping, then it is up to him to prove that he wasn't the one trying to replace the tablet with clay.
  • Big M.
    ^ surely the retailer shouldn't offer the tablet clearly with no cellophane and it's up to them to prove they didn't. (THEY DID)

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