Tesco self-service machines have Santa's voice

Father Christmas Sick of being told about the bagging area by a robot with a human voice? Well, Tesco have decided to switch things up and now, their self service tills will thank you for shopping with them, as well as wishing you a happy Christmas. Yet still, someone, somewhere will say Christmas is being banned by supermarkets.

Tesco are rolling out their checkouts with Santa's voice this week, and by tomorrow, they should all have them around the country. Not only will Father Christmas 'talk' to you, those of you with a ClubCard will hear a sleigh bell sound when you scan it.

This is the latest voice change implemented by Tesco, who got rid of the old voice in favour of what they called a "friendlier, more helpful and less talkative" voice.

A Tesco spokesperson said: "We've introduced a new festive-themed message to our in-store self-checkouts to help bring some extra festive cheer to our customers and wish them a very Merry Christmas."

We can't wait for the Vine when five machines all wish customers a merry Christmas simultaneously, and it sounds like a horrible, soulless chorus. It'll happen.

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  • Fagin
    Oh F__CK those of us who don't "celebrate" christmas & frankly find it invasive (I avoid garden centres from july to march because they invariably fill with xmas tat from the height of summer til ..well, almost next summer) :( Xmas is rammed down your throat, I want competence from tesco, as a result I rarely shop there as as the staff & quality are equally a disgrace compared to service in other stores. This just screams, novelty to jolly our captive proles. Desperate times & desperate measures from Tesco again, ..neglecting core value & service. I look forward to them being gone altogether.

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