Tesco see sales falling, again

tesco NEWTesco have revealed that like-for-like sales, excluding both VAT and petrol, dropped in the UK. Obviously, they're still wildly wealthy, but it's nice to have a laugh at their expense when given the chance.

The retailer said the eurozone debt crisis has created "very low consumer confidence", with a fall in "general merchandise, clothing and electrical performance" reflecting this.

Of course, Tesco are still talking the talk. "Tesco has performed robustly in the first quarter despite subdued consumer confidence in all our markets, said Philip Clarke, chief executive. "Internationally, like-for-like sales growth proved resilient, despite slowing economic growth in China and the emerging impact of recently introduced shopping hours legislation in South Korea. Against the backdrop of continuing uncertainty in the eurozone, it is pleasing to see that our businesses have largely sustained their performance."

Well done if you managed to read all that without falling asleep, head-first into your lap.

Phil Dorrell, a director at retail consultants Retail Remedy, said: "After the terrible performance last year and saying they would throw the kitchen sink at it to improve things, we expected to see far stronger numbers from Tesco. Tesco is treading water but the paucity of its long-term marketing strategy could still drag it under. Tesco... continues to offer a bland and soulless shopping experience and will be hard pushed to maintain its market share over this financial year. The leadership still seems to be focused on the quick fixes, more appropriate to running a store than a business."


  • Sicknote
    The retailer said the eurozone debt crisis has created “very low consumer confidence”.... How about the constant non-stop marketing bull-shit from Tesco having lowered consumer confidence in their brand. Pretending their doing something for the customer like genuinely lowering prices and every little helps is just complete bullshit. Prices for all food items have steadily risen over the past 20 years so how can Tesco be seen and be trusted to be bucking that trend by reducing costs. I have and will continue to shop locally & I hope Tesco chokes on it's self created failure.
  • Mike C.
    Profits will only be £3bn as opposed to £4bn this year then, how will the shareholders manage.
  • Majorie D.
    Pricing at Tesco is all smoke and mirrors - they can't be trusted.
  • Bob
    Tesco is just full of chavs shopping. It's like being in a giant dole office but filled with expensive food.
  • Wongaporkpies
    Tesco hmmm they believe in employing school kids from the look of my local express store. Talk about taking the piss on how little they pay them to! They also do not believe in Veal cause they say the customer doesn't want it. BULLSHIT ASDA actually fund farmers with certain grants for it to be worthwhile to them. So Tesco wake up to the alternatives to food production and not use pathetic excuses. What you mean is you want shit food at shit prices to be on your shitty shelves !
  • Cheesey
    Marjorie has hit the nail on the head. Tesco have proved time and time that they can't be trusted with pricing. Remember the war chest they set aside last September to reduce prices? Load of arsewipe fake as they were shown to have rogered the consumer.
  • Zleet
    Always considered Tesco to be the worst of all the big supermarkets as it just seems scruffy and their own brand stuff is vile. I like shopping at Lidl or Aldi because they do fresh bread now, have unusual European foods, their own brand stuff is superb and all the scummy charver fuckwits think it's uncool so shop at Tesco.
  • Tescofuckwits
    How about they stop the bullshit , oh and every sad actor git who does voiceovers we know who you are .. Please grab the shilling elsewhere , love blessed at morrisons
  • Sicknote
    Lidl or Aldi deliver low cost and value because they shorten the supply chain by reducing the warehouse - in effect each of the stores are warehouses. I used to live in Germany and they have some great brands that I remember.
  • PirateBhoy
    They are planning a new Tesco at Ipox, Glasgow following the death of the Orcs. At least there will be plenty of staff about to help.... Fat Sally for Store Manager.

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