Tesco school uniforms have gone missing

school kids Tesco are having another 'mare again, this time, cocking up their orders with school uniforms. Loads of parents will be sending their kids to a new school year with the wrong gear on, or having to buy more from somewhere else, thanks to Tesco not getting enough stock in.

Around 2,000 customers haven't received what they ordered, which are the uniforms that are customised with individual school crests, even though many put their orders in over a month ago.

Not having stock in is one thing, but the lateness in which Tesco let parents know, is quite another.

A number of customers received text messages from Tesco two days before term was set to start, noting that delays were "due to high demand", leaving the order rescheduled for 11th September.

Naturally, this is great news for independent retails of school uniforms who have been cleaning up thanks to this boob from Tesco. Last minute rushes will have seen their tills ringing.

A Tesco spokesperson said: "Where we can’t deliver the embroidered uniform before school starts, we’ve contacted customers to apologise and let them know we’ll get to it as soon as possible. We will also be providing these customers with a refund."

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