Tesco scam goes mental on Facebook

Have you seen your Facebook feed filling up with people claiming their £175 Tesco vouchers? Have you noticed how there's always '107 left' too? Okay, chances are, you're smart enough to know that it was a scam... but alas, some poor unfortunates who have seemingly never used the internet before have blindly wandered into it and... well... here's what Tesco have to say about it.

tesco FB scam

This is a screengrab from the Official Tesco Facebook page so, you've been warned. Or indeed, feel free to warn your mates about it. You don't have to, but you'll have to put up with them complaining about it for the next fortnight if you don't.


  • Tom
    Does £175 buy you a tin of beans at Tescos these days?
  • Mad H.
    @Tom - this particular £175 certainly doesn't
  • Russ
    Typical Tesco cunts reneging on their promise of a £175 voucher, didn't bother doing it anyway, knew what would happen ;)

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