Tesco says bog off to BOGOF

In these days of food banks and people scratting around in skips for dinner, today’s news that two thirds of Tesco food ends up in the bin is pretty galling.


According to a Tesco survey, 48% of bakery goods are dumped each day – that’s LOADS OF LOVELY CAKES – due to short display times. Two thirds of bagged salads go in the bin, too, as customers struggle to use buy one get one free deals. One in five bananas bites the dust. 24% of grapes go AWOL. Basically, the world is just a receptacle for unused Tesco items.

Tesco carried out the survey to gauge customer habits and try to minimise waste, and say they will be ending the cult of the BOGOF offer, due to the fact that the free one usually ends up in a landfill. They will also scrap large bags of salad (who needs them, anyway?) and will get rid of the confusing ‘display until’ stickers on fruit. Tesco have also vowed to give customers food storage tips, like how to use stale bread (fun!).

15 tonnes of food gets chucked every year in the UK, with households throwing away £700 into the bargain. Matt Simister from Tesco said:

‘Ending multi-buy promotions on large packs of bagged salads is one way we can help, but this is just the start and we’ll be reviewing what else we can do. We’re working with our suppliers to try to cut waste at all stages of the journey from farm to fork.’

(Here's another customer tip - get down to the bakery with a bin bag at 5pm and get yourself an armful cheap pies.)


  • shiftynifty
    Matt Simister from Tesco said...just one letter away Matt and things might have turned out different....
  • Ian
    OK, so presumably they'll be offering cheaper prices to offset this? No, of course not.
  • Grammar N.
    Tesco seem to have ridiculously short display times on fruit and veg, you're lucky if you can get 3 days out of them.
  • Quietus
    Only 15 Tonnes a year? That doesn't seem like very much for an entire country.
  • Euan
    Nothing wrong with BOGOF as long as it's on stuff that lasts (eg pack of biccies)...
  • Kevin
    Nothing to do with BOGOFF, it's down to the individuals not using them which is not Tesco's responsibility. Most waste can be avoided if people actually plan things properly. I'd put the blame on fridges having the vegetable section at the bottom therefore meaning you can easily miss things ;)
  • WoNkEy H.
    Good point Kevin. As soon as I get home I plan on turning my fridge upside down. This should have the effect of me immediately eating more healthily.
  • Kapitein Z.
    Wonkey Harry can go fuck himself.
  • Kapitein Z.
    leaving the foxes to the true Henry.
  • Captain W.
    I put the blame on vegetables being nowhere near as tasty as meat
  • WoNkEy H.
    That's because of all the lovely spunk that's in meat. Now, if we could source some natural organic jizz-fed vegetables that would be a different matter.
  • shiftynifty
    Tesco ...Selling industrial food to Industrial people....with the attitude of a snide
  • Des L.
    @shiftynifty: I'm industrial. My boss said I'm the hardest working person they know. I shop at Allday, however.
  • badgerbaiter
  • Monkey T.
    @Kevin - Totally good point. I thought it was just me that thought it was a bit rich that Tesco, evil as they are, are taking the blame for their customers buying two big bags of salad and not using it all. Ironic too, as a large proportion of the people I see in my local Tesco clearly have absolutely no idea where they would even locate a bag of salad even if their lives depended on it.
  • Samantha
    What I'd like is if an item is on BOGOF and I only take one to the till, I got a voucher to claim the free one later.
  • fibbingarchie
    Samantha, that's a great idea. I think you should write to Tesco to suggest it's introduction. They'll either reward you with a million clubcard points, or laugh their arses off at your letter, in the boardroom.
  • digibanger
    Tesco are sooo expensive anyone who shops there has money to burn. buy the same stuff at asda and you save about 50 quid on a two week shop. seriously fuck im getting old
  • Bogbrush
    maybe if you live on a diet of crisps and frozen pizza. besides, have you seen the populace of asdas? mouthbreathing mendicants, the lot of them. happy to pay a few pence extra for better quality fruit & veg (& meat) as well as not having to rub shoulders with stinky poverty stricken bloaters, thank you very much. @kev, i think the problem stems from consumers' mindset that the second item was effectively free so they feel under no pressure to use it; if it gets binned they've lost nothing.

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