Tesco refuses to sell teaspoons to people under 18

Teaspoons are a dangerous thing. You can STIR things with them, hang them on the end of your nose – and even bend them like Uri Geller. They’re definitely one of the world’s biggest threats to safety and should be under lock and key at all times, like guns, hunting knives and Anthrax spores.


Well, that’s what Tesco seem to think. When poor 16 year old Liam Whelan from Lancashire went to buy some teaspoons from there, on the instructions of his Mam, he was stopped at the self-service till with the warning that he was underage. A staff member was called and refused to sell him the dangerous spoons because he wasn’t 18.

Liam, in convulsions of teenage humilation, was left red faced by the ‘ordeal.’

‘It was embarrassing enough buying teaspoons, but to get refused was even worse. I wasn’t with anyone but the supermarket was busy and I did know some of the other customers.’

(Buying teaspoons. SO embarrassing. FML).

Tesco were sympathetic to Liam’s tiny-spooned plight.

‘We do include a till prompt for proof of age on our self-service tills for some items. We ask our colleagues to use their judgment as to whether this should be applied. In this instance, this was not followed and we apologise to our customer for any inconvenience caused.’

Inconvenience? Poor Liam will never be able to hold his head high again. EVERYBODY WAS LOOKING AT HIM.


  • Han S.
    Why the fuck is it embarrassing to buy teaspoons?
  • Samantha
    A staff member at The Range once refused to sell me a Pritt Stick because I didn't have ID. I was 26!!!
  • Billybobjimbob
    @Han Solo Maybe it's because they could be used for cooking up a heroin shot?
  • Slacker
    Which Tesco was this please? Remind me never to go within 100 miles of it... it must be Smackhead Central round there if they class teaspoons alongside knives and Evo-Stik.
  • terminator
    Should have gone to poundland or pound world they serve you anything and you would have saved money.

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