Tesco refuse to serve 92-year-old because he has no I.D.

Veteran of the war, 92-year-old Tony Ball, was stopped from buying booze at his local Tesco, relieving him of his last pleasure on Earth, leaving him to stare blankly out of the window. Why was he stopped - because he didn't have any ID (and well done for being able to read and remember a headline).

Tony was all set to get stuck into two bottles of vodka but found a check-out girl asking him to prove he was over 18. Let us look at his youthful face shall we?

old man

Tony said: "I laughed, but she then said, 'We’re not allowed to serve you if you’re underage'. By the look on her face she wasn't joking. I said, 'Do you mean it?' and she said, 'Yes'. So I said, 'You can tell Tesco what to do with their stuff', and walked out."

One of the managers at the Tesco in Feltham, said that the staff member in question had done it before 'as a joke', continuing: "Our colleague was trying to be light-hearted, but we appreciate the joke wasn't shared. We have apologised and we're keeping Mr Ball's bottles for him if he chooses to drop by, with our compliments."


  • dan
    Oh lighten up you old git, the checkout operator was clearly having a laugh.
  • amazon s.
    How was she supposed to know it wasn't a Prepubescent Brad Pitt?
  • noshit
  • Aston
    Stupid miserable old git.
  • Joulupukki
    He won't be needing Tesco's free vodka - he has two bottles right there.
  • flipperni
    Grumpy old shit, sounds like he should have a few drinks to cheer him up before going shopping. Bet the poor checkout girl got a earfull from the bosses.
  • jeebus
    Bloody hell, two free bottles of vodka for being on the receiving end of a shit joke - where do I sign up?
  • Captain.Cretin
    I am waiting for him to go into Sainsburys and try to buy some teaspoons.
  • Jerry
    bad idea being light-hearted with some old guy buying TWO bottles of vodka - (probably for breakfast)
  • Clive
    Proper Smirnoff as well! Fuck, these old guys have got too much money. Reduce the pensions I say.
  • samuri
    FFS she was trying to pay the old fucktard a compliment what a miserable bastard, the checkout lady would have got a roasting because of this twat
  • Dick
    No doubt the management have had a word with her before in the past about selling alcohol to people without checking their ID. So she does this as a joke / work to rule.
  • james
    well asda and tesco have it clearly displayed that no id no sale so whats the big deal it is cla=early displayed in every store?
  • Captain.Cretin
    "well asda and tesco have it clearly displayed that no id no sale so whats the big deal it is cla=early displayed in every store?" I believe it also states that it is aimed at anyone who looks under 25, NOT everyone. I am always telling the girl on the checkout to challenge me and make my day (old fart of 48 - and looks it!!).
  • Old G.
    I'm all for checkout girls getting a (spit) roasting but it should be by the customers not the bosses. They get enough perks as it is! If she'd done the same to me I would have invited her outside to "check" my credentials.
  • Big M.
    @ Old Git, 3 points. 1) She might be a complete munter. 2) You sound a bit rapey. 3) This will get deleted.
  • Big M.
    Oh and, 4) I will get IP blocked and have to reboot my router to post comments.
  • Cameron a.
    guys , look , hes not a miserable git, he is a old man that fought for our country . He frighted for the backup of the english people . try and live half the time he would of had on the front line of world war two and tell him that aint gory . he watched people die and carried on receiving a victory , show this man some appreciation. These memory's will be stuck in his mind forever . vodka is the only way out of this pain

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