Tesco recall squash with disgusting pong

29 January 2015

tesco Have you been trying to drink Tesco's No Added Sugar Double Concentrate Apple and Blackcurrant cordial? Have you been opening the bottle, to find your face recoiling in horror, pouring some out and your eyes start watering, then putting it to your lips and feeling like you've just uncovered a corpse in a woodland area?

You're not alone as Tesco has recalled their squash after a number of complaints about it having a "disgusting smell".

The supermarket behemoth have withdrawn the drink after a flavour additive was added "in error".

Mercifully, this problem isn't a food safety risk, but the supermarket had to admit that this additive has a "strong odour - similar to garlic, which customers are likely to find unpleasant".

This follows the news that Tesco will be closing 43 stores and are looking to give the boot to even more in the coming year.

However, this recall isn't the end of it for Tesco, as some parents have noticed that, after drinking the squash, their children were left with upset stomachs - although, being parents, they probably said 'tum-tums' or some other twee nonsense. Over on the PlayPennies website, parents have described the smell as "absolutely disgusting" with another saying it smelled like "rotten eggs".

Some parents noted that their children had been vomiting and suffering from diarrhoea after drinking Tesco's No Added Sugar Double Concentrate Apple and Blackcurrant.

Tesco have said: "We have investigated with our supplier complaints about Tesco No Added Sugar Double Concentrate Apple and Blackcurrant 750ml and 1.5l. A flavour additive, which is not part of the ingredients for this product, has been added in error. The additive is called Dimethyl Disulphide and is a common ingredient in food products."

"It is an approved additive and poses no food safety risk. However, it does have a strong odour, similar to garlic, which customers are likely to find unpleasant. Only products bought since the New Year may be affected, they will have a best-before date of October 2015."

"Any customers can return this product, open or unopened, to any Tesco store."

If you're wondering which juice it is, it is this one, as seen on the Tesco site. If you have an unopened bottle at home, it'd be a good idea to take it back before you end up with a child that ends up crapping everywhere.

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  • Euan
    If it smells "absolutely disgusting" and like "rotten eggs"... why have people still been giving it to their kids?
  • Han S.
    @Euan - Maybe it's because these people are thick?
  • Russ
    What stinks even more is my local tesco metro is 1 on the chop off closing list, closes 4th April
  • People P.
    @Euan because they are training their offspring to consume disgusting, foul-smelling food and drink

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